Elzoria Academy

Elzoria Academy

"I will still remember, when you've long forgotten me."

Chapter 1


by: Subrina
Elzoria Academy-
An academy for only the elite class mages. To enroll, one must pass a series of rather strenuous tests to challenge one's magical qualities and controls. Elzoria Academy, founded in 1341 BC, welcomes any kind of magical creatures, such as mermaids and centaurs. We assure you that our students are of the highest content, and are very well-mannered and intelligent. Our top rule is to stay safe and have a good time. And without further ado, we welcome you to Elzoria Academy.


I was in a big room. There were older kids all around me, sitting at long tables and staring at the front of the room. A group of kids my age were huddled around me, looking as terrified as I felt. My long black hair hung in front of my face, blocking out the rest of the world. I did not want to be here. I wanted to be back home with Loki, telling jokes and laughing. I hadn't laughed, or even smiled for that matter, since I had gotten here. The group of kids walked forward and left me behind. They were following the teacher that had brought us here. I stayed where I was. Images of Loki filled my brain and resisted the urge to cry. One of the older kids at the table closest to me whispered something.

"Hey kid, move along. You're going to miss what House you're in." He said. I mechanically moved forward, not acknowledging him. This school had five classes, and you were placed in one when you first came.I hoped I was in a nice House. I waddled up to the group of kids, waiting for my name to be called. It didn't take long for me to be the last one standing, in front of everyone, my head hung down. I thought of how is Loki were here, he would wait for me. He would stay with me, and when my name was called, he would hold my hand and walk up with me. I clenched my hand into a small fist, wishing that Loki were here with me. It wasn't fair. Why couldn't he be here with me? He had incredible powers, but for some odd reason, the school wouldn't allow him to attend.

"Katarina Evans." I was so lost in thought that I didn't hear my name being called. Hot tears trickled down my face as I thought more of Loki. "Katarina?" I heard my name being called in a question. I was aware of everyone in the room staring at me, but I didn't care. I just stood there, tears quickly wetting my face. I heard the sound of a chair being slid back, and footsteps coming in my direction. Since I was looking at the ground, I could only see a pair of black boots.

"I'll take her Mrs. Laurenta." I heard the person say. Her voice was like liquid honey, and it made me feel warm inside. The tears stopped for a second, but then I remembered why I was crying, and I started crying all over again. The woman leaned down, but her face was covered by a dark hood. An air of power surged through them, and I wanted to run away. "Katarina dear, I'm going to carry you out of here. Is that okay with you?" She asked politely. Was she giving me a choice? Did I really want to leave this room of stranger who stared at me as if I had three heads? Yes please. I nodded and the person picked me up. I leaned into her shoulder and made sure that my hair covered my face. The woman walked out of the room in silence, the huge doors silently closing behind her.

She walked into an empty classroom and set me down. I scrambled onto a desk and curled away into a ball. Tears flowed down my face and I sobbed, not silently this time. My face was hot as the woman sat on top of a desk opposite of me. She stared at me for what seemed like ages, then spoke. "What's wrong Katarina?" She said, her liquid honey voice firm but caring. I wiped my eyes.

"I.. I want to go home." I said, crying through my words. The woman nodded slowly.

"Is there something you miss back home?" She asked.

"Someone." I said, looking at the corner of the room.

"Katarina, why aren't you looking at me?" She asked, as if almost offended. I had heard rumors of the headmistress. I had heard that nobody had ever seen her face, and that she was hideously deformed. I heard that she didn't sleep, but instead wandered the halls of the school. I shrugged shyly. "I'm not going to bite." She said, and I thought I heard a smile in her tone. Summoning up all my courage, I looked straight at her.

She had long black hair that flowed down her back. It wasn't pin straight, but instead had a slight curl to it. She had a slender neck and red lips. But her eyes were wrong. One eye was blue, and the other was a deep purple. They were beautiful... but they were... wrong. They were too sad. Behind her eyes lay depression and sadness. Looking at her, looking at me, I saw that there was something missing in her life. Something that had once been there was gone. A loved one perhaps? Whatever it was, it must have been big because I could almost see the hole in her heart. She didn't blink when she stared at me, rather, she took in all of my features. She stared at my dark blue eyes, and I bet she noticed how sad she was because, if possible, she seemed to get even more sad, but she also looked understanding.

"You miss a friend? Someone who you love?" She asked. I nodded miserably and she walked over and sat next to me. "Hey," She said, poking me in the arm. I giggled, as that tickled a little. "You don't have to be scared or sad. You'll see them again, I promise. Buy for now, you have to be here. In this school." She said. Her voice had a calming affect, and I relaxed. She held out her hand. "I never got to introduce myself. My name is Elzoria Hale. As you probably know, I'm the headmistress." I shook her hand formally.

"I thought you were really old."

"I am." She said, smiling.

"Then why aren't you smelly and wrinkly." I asked, wrinkling my nose. Elzoria blinked at me once, then burst out laughing. Her laugh filled the room and seemed to bounce off the walls. It must have been the happiest sound I had ever head, and soon I was laughing too. I noticed how beautiful she was when she laughed, and it just made me want to hug her. She laughed so long and hard that she fell off the desk. That just made us both laugh harder. After we had finally stopped, my stomach hurt from laughing and my face was sore from smiling so big. Elzoria got up off the ground and hugged me. She smelled like honey and flowers.

"How about this Katarina?" She asked. I looked up at her. "I'll escort you to your dorm, then tomorrow I'll give you the grand tour of the school." She said, smiling. I smiled and nodded my head. She clapped her hands and patted my head. "Basic information you need to know. Do you know what the five Houses are named?"

"No ma'am." I said, forgetting already. I felt like a complete idiot. She smiled.

"That's alright. The first House is Tenebris. This is the House of Darkness, where we teach our Necromancers how to control their Dark magic. The second house is the House of Lux, or House of Light. This house is where we teach our students how to conjure up energy bobs and reflect back the Darkness."

"Is the House of Tenebris for evil people?" I asked, curious. Elzoria shook her head, but kept speaking.

"The third house is the House of Ignis, or House of Fire. This house teaches students how to control their fiery attitudes and make bulbs of fire. The fourth house is the House of Glaciem, or House of Ice. This teaches students how to make ice figures and turn water to ice." She took a breath, finishing in a rush. "And last but not least, the House of Terra, or House of Earth. This teaches students how to make plant life and heal others. Any questions?" She said, putting her hands on her hips and staring at me with her blue/purple eyes.

"What house am I in?" I asked. She frowned and tapped her chin.

"I don't know. We'll find out when you try out all the elements." She said, smiling. "I like you Katarina. Come on." She led me out the door and I closed the door silently behind me. Elzoria pulled up her hood and walked down the hallway holding my hand. I wondered why she covered her beautiful face from the world. I didn't ask, thinking it was rude. She left me outside me room, with the password of course, and I got into bed. I stared up at the ceiling, thinking about how the day would go tomorrow. Grand tour, that should be fun. I closed my eyes, drifting into dreams of magic, forgetting all about Loki.

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