Teenage Tiranny

Hehehe, this is whay happens when you base a novel off of one single thought. Seriously, i got the thought of one line in this and bam! Its a novel.

Chapter 1

chapter 1: Prologue

I didn't want to change the world. I didn't want to get caught up with the mafia. I didn't want to assassinate the president. I didn't ask to become the world most powerful. I didn't ask to save anyone.
But here I am. Head of the mafia, hit woman extrordinaire.
Ruler, of the world.
I never assked to hold this much power. But time went on, and here I am.
I am Lucifer 'Crazy fvck' Di Mortem, age 14, and I, rule the world.
I never asked to be kidnapped. I never asked to become a murderer. I never asked to be Crazy's loyal dog.
But here I am. Stuck in the mafia, controlling the world, nowhere else to go.
I never asked to fall in love.
I am Buttler 'Sloth' 'Loyal dog's Jerids, age 15, and I am the loyal servant.
I never asked to become the fvcking goon of a 14 year old brat. I never asked to save anyone. I never asked to get myself blown up.
I never asked to be intimated by some brat in combat boots.
I am Tony "Wall' Salatory, age 38 and I'm the top goon of the mafia.


We never asked to get sucked into the worlds most dangerous orginization. None of us never asked to rule the world with an iron fist.
None of us, ever expected in a million years to get sucked into the mafia.
We are the World Mafia Orgization, and we own the world.
This, is our story.

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