Magik Academy

This story is inspired by World of Warcraft. This story would be for W0W fans and maybe Harry Potter fans or fans of anything that has to do with fantasy stuff. So anyway this story is told by the viewpoint of Rose Amber Williams (and for a few chapters her mother and sometimes other people). She is the heroine of the story and so is Faervel at times. This story is rated PG-13. Also DO NOT SAY THE DEMON NAMES ALOUD
Thank you and have a wonderfully Kookie day! :3

Chapter 3

SageWillow to Claire Williams... Becoming Human

How long have I stayed in this damn log cabin anyway? Five moons? No wait... how long is that in human time? Five weeks? No, five years?
"Oh what does it matter! I'm just going to end up living alone her with my unborn baby for eternity!" said Claire as she paced around her new well furnished, two story, 5 bedroom, 3 bath, log cabin. It has only been five months since the mess Claire started in the village. The damage wasn't that bad and didn't take that long to reverse. Good thing was Solaria erased everyone's memory. Especially Millie's and William's. Solaria went as far as to erase any memory of her they had.
She didn't have to isolate me from civilization! she thought, And how long will it take until I find my true love. No...WHERE will I find him if I'm the only living creature here. Looking out the window, the dense forest around her was dark and creepy. Which is perfect for any Earth Fairy for practice.
"Well I guess I could practice my magic while I wait. Now where shall I begin?"

Before beginning training Claire went through all the spells she learned at level 1. Then she realized, that she doesn't remember anything. Except spells that her mother had taught her. (Those spells included teleporting, healing plants, healing in general, and shape shifting into a plant or small animal). But there was one spell that she did know from school. It was the only spell that was mandatory for all students to learn. It was a spell for contacting someone if you need help or if you're in trouble.
But where can I get a moth's wing, toadstool, and three cups of wart spit? No wait... that's a spell for ugliness.
"Hey, I remember a spell!" her voice echoed of the trees. She heard birds off in the distance. "Well at least I'm not alone."

"Okay, to make a plant growing spell you must gather the following: the dead plant, the seed of an oak, and an unborn blue jay. That sounds easy! Goodbye level 3, Hello level 4!" Six months later and Claire has gone through most of her spells in level 1-2 and was keeping track in her diary. Now she was on the last spell for level 3. But Fairy Headmistress Dovefeather was soon coming to check her progress. Since it was already September she was behind on one level (each level contains 10-15 spells. Sage skipped 14).
She went outside and pulled a dead daffodil that was growing under her steps outside (she used a spell to grow that daffodil). The cold made it die sooner but Claire was glad that it did die early or she would never perform this spell.
Make a circle in the dirt with squirrel blood. Ew... Put the plant in the middle of the circle Claire used her finger, and dipped it in a bowl of squirrel blood she kept in the kitchen; she gagged a little as she made a small circle in the dirt in front of her. She then put the dead daffodil in the middle of it.
"Then you crush the oak seed with a hammer until turned to dust. Then sprinkle dust onto dead plant." She grabbed the tiny oakseed and smashed it with her fists until it was dust.
Of course the house is well furnished and huge but it doesn't even have a stupid hammer. Wingtastic! Claire sprinkled the dust on the dead plant.
"Then birth the unborn robin and take one of it's feather and write the words "undead dead" upside down and backwords in side the circle, place your palms on the words and hold your breath and release your energy into the plant until you see the color blue. What the HELL!?! No wonder I don't pay attention in class. These spells are much to complicated!"
"Well maybe you should use the birthing spell Ms.Hollywing taught you eight months ago." Said Headmistress Dovefeather. "Nevermind, I can't help you anyway, Ms. Solaria's orders. Oh yes, before I forget I have a pop quiz question for you." Headmistress Dovefeather grabbed her wand and waved it around. The next thing she new Claire was at Magik Academy in Haedmistress Dovefeather's office.
"PopQuiz!" Dovefeather sang offkey, "If a human chops a newborn sacred tree what spell are you able to use to save that tree?"
"Tough question... depending on whether or not that tree is an oak or redwood I would use a confusion spell. But a reversal spell would work much better." said Sage in a more proffesional tone. Not only as her isolation time helped her become a better Earth Fairy, but has become more aware of where she lives. She was living in the deep forests of Washington state. But what yearly got to her was how much time has passed. Instead of just six to eight months passing but sixty to eighty years passed.
"Good job Ms.Willow... I mean Ms.Williams. Ms.Solaria said if you got this question right you could leave your home. But only until midnight."
"Didn't you use that same spell on princess Cindy?"
"I did didn't I? Anyway she's lived her lavish princess life and died happily. But for you, and your unborn, I suggest you hurry and find love so that you can stop carrying it around like deadweight." said Dovefeather slyly.
It was said that Dovefeather despised Sage when she became pregnant. Jealous even, only because she could never get pregnant. No one would want to have a child with an old hag. A pretty hag, but an old hag.
"Excuse me, Headmistress Dovefeather, I'm not trying to be rude and stubborn, but my unborn child is no dead weight. My baby is a young fairy human that will soon be birthed and will come to this school. Here she will make up for the days and years I've missed. And if anyone touches my child, born or unborn, I'll make sure with every spidersilk of my wing that he or she will be damned to Hell by Headmaster Drako, my father's closest companion. I don't want you making a mockery of my choices, if so I hope you burn in Hell. Are we clear... Headmistress Dovefeather?" Sage said seriously. She meant every word when she spoke. She may have broken rules and mistreated loved ones, but she could feel inside of her, her special baby, that she will erase her mother's mistakes of Magik Academy.
"I see, well all I can say is close your door on the way out." And with that Sage left.
"Oh, but don't forget, your baby will be under my control, so be sure to not make end up like you." Sage slammed the door on her way out.

1999: Okay Claire, you can do this! Your last job as a bar tender didn't work out, but waitressing... easy peezy! Claire parked her blue Trans-Am in an IHOP parking lot. She stared at the sign that read:
Help wanted Waitresses Needed See Manager
She called before to schedule an interview and made it on time. It was almost time to open and the other employees outside smoking couldn't help but stare at her. Yes, she still had the same beaty back in 1565; blue crystal clear eyes, pink smooth skin, but she cut her beautiful blonde hair shoulder length and crimmped it. It probably wouldn't look good on a human, but she wasn't human and made it work.
"You're name is Claire I correct?"
"Yes sir!"
"Before you were a bartender?"
"Why would you like to work at the International House of Pancakes, also known as IHOP?" said the nerdy general manager suspiciously. He couldn't almost believe that this pretty woman could work at a place like IHOP. Of course she was a little chubby, but her face distracted that.
"Well, I got fired from being a bartender because I wouldn't take a night shift, and this place is as close to home as it could be."
"Okay, I understand. All about location these days."
"I see."
"Well Bertha won't be in tomorrow because it's her anniversary with her ex-husband, so you can come tomorrow at 10 AM."
Sage couldn't beleive it! Even though she lied about the bartender job she still got a real job! "Oh thank you thank you Mr. Wienhouse! I promise to work hard!" And then she embraced him. Compared to Claire, Mick Wienhouse was a pale toothpick.
"I see we have a new employee." said one of the waitresses outside.
"Betcha she'll be gone in a week"
"Nah, I like'er. She's kinda cute."
"Shut up dimrod! Cantcha tell she preggers! Always the chubby ones."
"They the cutest and you know it." said the chef stomping on his cigarette butt as some cars started pulling in the parking lot. "Tracie, Bertha, customers comin'. Get rid of them cigarettes and let's go."

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