Magik Academy

This story is inspired by World of Warcraft. This story would be for W0W fans and maybe Harry Potter fans or fans of anything that has to do with fantasy stuff. So anyway this story is told by the viewpoint of Rose Amber Williams (and for a few chapters her mother and sometimes other people). She is the heroine of the story and so is Faervel at times. This story is rated PG-13. Also DO NOT SAY THE DEMON NAMES ALOUD
Thank you and have a wonderfully Kookie day! :3

Chapter 22


"So you forgive me for killing your crazy grandfather?"
"Yeah," I sighed.
Ladon and I were walking in the woods behind Magik Academy. It's been a week since my grandfather had died. Ever since then I've been walking in the woods. The nature reminded me of home. It was a good feeling.
I apalogized to Faervel. What was really ironic though was that I called Faervel a sl** but in reality my own family is a bunch of sl***. Haha...the irony.
Ladon finally found me today though. Good timing, I was starting to get lonely walking in the woods.
"I hope your grandfather is happy in...heaven?"
"Yes actually. His undying love and the protection. He died just to be, not with his daughter, but granddaughter."
"Gotta love loopholes."
I started laughing, "Yeah. The Lord was kinda peeved off but he forgave his ways." I Iooked up at the sky.
"Are you going to miss him?"
"Of course. He was the only grandfather that I knew. But I'm glad that he's with her. To be together forever. That's what he really wanted." I felt Ladon grabbing my hand.
"What of you now?" Ladon said.
I turned to look into those feirce green eyes. There was still pain, but when he looks into my eyes I could see a beautiful soul. "Can we start over?"
"From when we first met?"
"Hi, I'm Ladon."
"Hey, I'm Rosemary."
"Can I call you Rose?"
"Well then, Rose, you have the most beautiful smile. Just like your grandfather's."
"Thank you. You have a beautiful soul behind the pain I see in your eyes."
"Thank you," he whispered in my ear.
I hugged him tight. "Can we stay like this?"
"And ever."
We kissed. Smooth, soft, rose petals. I could feel the protection that I knew I wanted from him in his arms. I knew now what this means. He agrees to protect me, to fight for me. He loves me. He may not be able to say it but he does. And will always.

The vil fairy watched the Dragon and the Hybrid. Jealousy. SHe had no one to love. She could not bare a child, and her beauty is wilting.
"That child WILL be mine." She said. Her old face stared right back at her in her mirror. Her name was etched in lipstick all over her wall. The names: Desdemona, Dovefeather, Elizabeth.
"She will be mine." She cackled.


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