Magik Academy

This story is inspired by World of Warcraft. This story would be for W0W fans and maybe Harry Potter fans or fans of anything that has to do with fantasy stuff. So anyway this story is told by the viewpoint of Rose Amber Williams (and for a few chapters her mother and sometimes other people). She is the heroine of the story and so is Faervel at times. This story is rated PG-13. Also DO NOT SAY THE DEMON NAMES ALOUD
Thank you and have a wonderfully Kookie day! :3

Chapter 2

Magik Academy: 1565

"I hate this school. One day, when I escape this place I'll live just like the Humans on Earth. And then I could fall in love with a Human! And I'll finally be happy!"
"Yes, Sage we know, we know. But that doesn't give you the right to break rule number three of the Fairy handbook: no falling in love with any other creature. Especially Humans. Not only have you broken tha rule, you have gotten pregnant by one! Head Headmistress Solaria will be very displeased." said Fairy Headmistress DoveFeather.

It was 1565. SageWillow has broken Rule number 3 of the Fairy Handbook: falling in love with another creature; especially Humans. Not only that, she has also become pregnant by one. And that Human was not of Magik Academy. SageWillow is now in Magik Court for her hearing.
"All rise for Head Headmistress Solaria." said Headmaster Drako in his raspy voice eminating from the emptiness of his black hood.
Everyone in the courtroom stood as Head Headmistress Solaria entered the room.
Solaria wasn't an actual magical creature nor a human, but a being of energy. She is, to put it simply, light. She is light energy. She is the princess of all magical creatures, keeping the peace between them.
Drako sat in his seat at the Headmasters table with the other headmasters and Headmistresses. " Born of light and the greek god of light Helios, Head Headmistress Solaria, I show you SageWillow of the Earth Fairy Clan."
"Step forth child, let me see your in your pregnant state." Her voice was light and commanding. Her glow was a faint orange-red which meant she was annoyed. Not only with Sage but with her trial, which she thought in her mind, was tedious and unnecessary.
Sage stepped forward and stood in front of the tall glowing princess of light. "I'm sorry Head Headmistress Solaria. I didn't mean to break the rules..." Sage said in a quiet voice that all the other creatures and Headmasters could barely hear her.
"You have broken a rule, not rules. And you should regret what you have done. But I am proud that one of my students has the nerve to woo a human outside of the Academy. My aunt Aphrodite would be proud. But that is nbo excuse for being with child. Was it a one night stand? Or for pleasure? Or was it a spell casting mishap? But that would be unusual, being that you are an Earth Fairy of a level 12 rank." Solaria was pondering the reasons of Sage's pregnancy so that she could speed up the trial and go back to her more important businesses in Olympus.
"No Headmistress, we were in love."
"No you were not. He used you. He mistreated you, tricked you into sleeping with him! I can see it, the child knows. When was this?" Solaria was becoming more impatient as the trial wore on. The jury became restless.
"2 moons ago."
"On Earth it would be 2 months. What are your grades in Human History?!" Now she was glowing a deep red. Everyone in the courtroom could tell that Sage will get a terrible punishment in the end.
"I'm sorry Headmistress."
"Don't be. You will leave Magik Academy and never come back. You must have no contact withe baby's father ever. You will self teach yourself your studies. Each year Fairy Headmistress DoveFeather will visit you to check on your stdies. But first we must cater to the unborn Hybrid."
"What will happen to RoseMary?" Sage said worridly; hoping Princess Solaria won't take her unborn child away.
"RoseMary...Huh? Don't be worried. My Aunts Demeter and Aphrodite will put a spell on your unborn child. Demeter will keep the baby in your stomach. Aphrodite will put a spell on the baby to only let it out when you have fallen in love. And then Headmaster Drako will come to check on the young one on her 1400th birthday; if she is born yet.You must let her attend Magik Academy to make up your lost years. It may be years until that will happen, but that is your punishment."
"Yes Headmistress Solaria." said Sage with her head down. She did want to leave this school. But the man that gave her this baby was her true love. She just knew it. Going against Princess Solaria was like a death sentence, but what did she know about love? She was the Princess of Light not Love.

While in her room Sage was packing her things. Her roommate Phae, an Elf, was helping her. All the other creatures looked down on Sage. She didn't get very good grades, she was sent to the office every half moon like it was her job, and she would always woo a human at school. Magical Creatures were'nt really her taste.
"Is that the last of it SageWillow?" asked Phae. Phae was Sage's only friend. Though Phae was opposite of Sage, she had a talent for helping lost, broken souls. But there were none in her village, but in Magik Academy there was Sage.
"Yes that's it. Thank you Phae." She gave Phae a long hug.
"I hope to see you again, not in this realm maybe, but someday on Earth." a hint of regret in her voice gave Sage doubt that there is no chance of seeing each other again.
"Me too, goodbye." Sage grabbed her bags and left.

All through the Earth Dorm halls and around the school lobby, Sage could hear voices and gossip about her, her baby, the father, her punishment...
"...I heard the father doesn't even like creatures!"
"I don't think that was a good puishment to give her."
"If I was Head Headmistress I would've taken the baby right out of her stomach, let one of the trolls eat it, strip her of her wings, and banish her from the Magical Realm."
" All she really needs is to be repurified."
"You always think someone needs to be purified Angela!"
The three female creatures stopped talking when Sage passed them in the hall.
"Hello Angela, Fern, Elizabeth. I hear you've been spreading gossip about me...again."
An Angel, a Unicorn, and a level 42 Magical Creature scientist just stood there. Like she didn't say a word. Fern's horn was only an inch, but glowed like the stars when she was nervous. Angela's pure, white wings quivered when put on the spot. But Elizabeth, the ring leader, just crossed her arms and walked away. The others followed.
They are the one of many reasons why I would like to leave this school. thought Sage.

She stood in the line for the portal to Earth. She wasn't supposed to go to Earth. She was told to go straight home so her mother and father could take care of her and her hybrid. But she had to see William again, just to show Princess Solaria that he really does love her.
"Name?" said the grumpy satyr.
"I said name. What is your Human name?"
"Um... Claire Williams."
"Okay go ahead. Watch your step, don't get in trouble, don't reveal your true form to no human. Thank You and have a nice trip." And with that Claire stepped through the portal.

Claire was in the Magic Realm for a week after she came back. On Earth that would be one month. She was droppepd of in a small village. It was dead quiet and dark. Claire picked up her bags and went to William's cottage.
Before knocking on the wooden door of her future husband's door, Sage cast a quick mirror spell. Her beautiful golden locks were perfectly curled, her skin was pink and smooth, her blue clear crystal eyes were sparkling with anticipation. But in her Fairy form, her skin was mud brown, her hair was mint green, her eyes... a deep dark purple. She knocked on the door and waited. She waited and waited and waited. Until finally, a girl no older than 19 with dark brown chestnut hair and full plump lips opened the door. She wasn't as pretty as Sage, but still decent.
"May I help you at this time?!" The girl whispered.
"Um... I'm here to see William... please." The girl became irritated.
"I must have you know that my husband is asleep and must rest asnd be ready for growing crops tomorrow. He has no time to talk to young girls in the middle of the night." Then she slammed the door. But Sage put her foot in the door.
"I am not a young girl! I am pregnant with your husband's baby. I came to see if he still loves me!"
And just like that William came from behind the young girl. He looked distressed and tired. He placed a gentle hand on the girl's shoulder. She placed her hand on his.
"William! Tell this old woman that you are the one for me, that you love me and want to start a family!" Sage was on the verge of crying. She shouldn't cry. When Faeries cry the color of their element and something bad happens in their element. In this case she would've cried brown tears and there would've been an earthquake.
"Millie go back to bed." Millie kissed William and went to bed.
"Who was that William?"
"That was my wife. Why are you here?"
Sage shook her head. The ground shivered beneath her feet. "I thought you loved me."
"Listen, my wife was working at the castle and we were fighting.I was drunk and saw you. Yes you had a pretty face and a beautiful body, but that was all you were. And for that baby-"
"OUR baby."
"You should give it to Queen Laura. She had been trying to give birth to a baby boy for months."
"It's a girl. So you used me...You used me? You stupid, insignificant, pig-headed Humans make me SICK!" Sage started screaming.
"Shhh! You'll wake the whole kingdom."
"You'll be sorry you crossed with a Fairy William." And then The whole ground started to quiver and shake. Houses were falling and the ground started to split in two starting where she was standing.
"What the hell! Claire stop! What are you a witch?!" Then a stone from his house fell on his head and broke his skull. Blood was pooring out of his mouth and eyes. Millie was running out of the house holding on to a bloody stump that should've been her right arm. All around, babies crying, houses and cottages were on fire, people dying, families seperated. And Sage just stood there. Watching the chaos unfold.
"Humans. Ungrateful, users, uncapablee of loving. I want them all sent to HELL!"
"SAGEWILLOW STOP!" Then everything froze. The flames were still, people frozen in mid run. Frozen in time. Princess Solaria came down from a beam of life. Followed by two beautiful women. Aphrodite and Demeter; sent from Olympus to put the spell on Sage and her baby.
"What have you done SageWillow!"
"He deserved it! He broke my heart and told me to give RoseMary to their pig-headed leader." Sage started crying brown tears. Each one sparkled at every word she said.
"They have queens SageWillow. Not leaders. Honestly do you pay any attention in class." The two goddesses behind Solaria started to giggle. "WHy would you come to Earth and destroy a kingdom when I have told you that he did not love you! You have disobeyed my orders!" Solaria's glow was now velvet red. Her aunts glared at SageWillow, their eyes showing anger and annoyance. They came here to do one thing and one thing only. And SageWillow was wasting their time.
"Okay, let's start off with why you are destroying this kingdom. Sage told her the whole story. "I understand. But I haave told you that he was only using you. And to try and prove me wrong shows your ignorance. I know you're still young and only 442. But that gives you no right to destroy a village and kill innocent people. Come, my aunts are waiting."

"Here in this cabin in the middle of the woods is where you will stay. You may never move from this house. You will live like a regular Human. And when you give birth you will age like a Human. You will stop aging when your daughter finished school. And then you will be able to visit the Magic Realm. Your daughter will be able to see all magical creatures until the age of 5. Headmaster Drako will come to check on the child on her 1400th birthday. I know when you will fall in love and when the baby will be born so you can't skirt around this issue." Then Princess Solaria left.

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