Magik Academy

This story is inspired by World of Warcraft. This story would be for W0W fans and maybe Harry Potter fans or fans of anything that has to do with fantasy stuff. So anyway this story is told by the viewpoint of Rose Amber Williams (and for a few chapters her mother and sometimes other people). She is the heroine of the story and so is Faervel at times. This story is rated PG-13. Also DO NOT SAY THE DEMON NAMES ALOUD
Thank you and have a wonderfully Kookie day! :3

Chapter 1

And I Thought Magical Creatures Didn't Exist...

"Rose Williams..." I stood up and walked onto the blue and gold rug. As I walked down the aisle in my gold cap and gown, I saw the faces of my friends and my mom smile as they saw me. I waved and smiled back. You could say I am an overachiever. And you may be right. But other than that I am the prettiest girl in school, and the friendliest, and the smartest, and the most not meanest. The last one I made up but it is true!
As I shook hands with Principle Abdul I walked off the stage and sat back down in my seat. The best thing about being a Williams is that you are the last name to be called. After a few words from Principle Abdul everyone started cheering and throughing their caps in the air. Luckily I wasn't one of the eighteen people who got hit with the golden caps.

"Hey sweetie, congradulations!" my mom said while hugging me a little too tightly. Everytime I graduated my mom would always cry and hug me too tightly. And I only graduated two times; not including today.
"Mom, Mom, MOM!" I yelled.
"Sorry sweetie."
I went to look for my friends but instead found Jared's little sister Julia. She was standing in front of the Boy's bathroom door. Well now I know where Jared is.
Julia is in 3rd grade and the total opposite of her brother. Her brother is loud mouthed, outgoing, and a terrible singer. But Julia... sweet, shy, and an awesome singer.
"Hey, Julia what's up?"
Julia stared at me like I was a stranger. "Jared said I had to stay here and wait for him while Dad goes to park his car."
"Oh, okay. When your brother gets out let me know."
"Actually after he's done in there we have to go to another party." She said that like she was tired of all the partying.
"Oh. Well tell him I said hi." And then I left.
I watched everyone dance to You Make Me Feel... as I sat at one of the tables. Maria Segall sat next to me and asked me what was wrong. Maria was my best friend since we found out we both loved baby monkeys back in Pre-K. She would always try to make me feel better and I would help her with homework. It's like we're sisters.
"Are you sure nothing's wrong?"
"Positive." I said unenthusiasticly.
Maria just shrugged. "Well, unlike you, I can't believe it's finally here."
"What are you talking about?"
"I'm talking about the day we finally become HIGHSCHOOLERS!"
"Okay okay! No need to scream in my ear."
"Sorry, sorry. So what highschool are you going to?"
I don't live in the same neighborhood like the rest of the school. I live near the edge of town. All that's there is woods, forests, and my house. Jared always joked that I live in a magical forest like the kids in the Spiderwick Chronicles. One time he even tricked me and Maria to think that he saw a brownie in our basement.
"With my luck I might be homeschooled.Where are you going?"
Maria was quiet for awhile. But before she could say anything Jared was running towards us like he wanted to tell us something important.
"Hey guys!...I only...have...a few minutes...before I have to...go home..." Jared was out of breath and drinking soda from my mom's cup.
"Jared...that's my mom's soda."
"It's what!?!?" Then Jared spat it out. "Why didn't you tell me!? Ugh now I have the taste of cigarettes in my mouth! I thought your mom quit smoking!" Jared yelled without pausing. Yeah, he does that sometimes.
"Well since we're all hear," I began my mock speech of us being separated. "I would like to start off by saying that I'll miss you guys."
Maria smiled, "We'll miss you too!"
"Me too!" Jared said.
"Oh, and Maria what were you gonna say earlier?"
Maria was quiet again. Quiet Maria equals bad news. "I'm moving to California."
"Awesome-OW!! That hurt." I punched Jared in his arm. Sometimes he just doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut.
"It's okay Maria! We still have Facebook right?"
"I guess."
"Yeah! Praise Faceboo- Ow! Stop punching me!"
"Well learn to control your mouth."
In honesty before all of this happened I couldn't imagine us three being seperated. Jared going to a magnet high school in the city, Maria moving, and me being homeschooled. I asked my mom a thousand times if we could move out of the middle of nowhere. But she said we can't move. My family has lived in the same house since Washington state came to be. And I hate it. The house is too old, we live near nothing, and Mom has to travel a hundred miles to get to the nearest Walmart. It's kinda sad. But since Dad left to fight in Iraq the house got even worse.

"Let me see your diploma!" Dad said through his camera. Me and my dad skype three times a week. But since it was graduation I skyped him a day extra.
"Dad! It's a certificate. Here," I put the certificate in front of the camera.
"Great job kiddo! Hope you do well in high school. I know I didn't."
"Dad, I'm being homeschooled!"
"Oh. But still try your best!"
"Thanks Dad. I love you."
"Love you too kiddo." And then he logged off.

I guess you could say that being homeschoold is OK. You get to sleep in Monday through Friday, you don't get homework most of the time, and the teacher is a total pushover. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I mean I just graduated yestarday and it's the first day of summer. Summers in the middle of the forest mean animals roaming in the yard, birds as alarm clocks, and berries growing around. There really isn't much to do at home other than watch TV and go on Facebook. I could call my friends but Maria is already packed up and heading south and Jared is at camp. I could've gone to a sleepaway camp but then I'd be homesick. You know with all the nature and hiking and the deer. Me and my parents used to go camping a few miles away from our house. But without Dad it wouldn'y be the same. So here I am; watching Jersey Shore reruns from when they were in Italy, just hanging in the living room with my golden retriever Becky. I could take Becky for a walk but I lost my keys from last time. It wasn't my fault a racoon got angry when I wanted a fresh blackberry from it's berry bush. But that's nature. Which is weird to me. Actually nature has always been weird to me. Ever since my mom told me that she was a wicken. My family weren't really into any religion in general, but with nature it was like a religion but it wasn't. We aren't fully vegetarians (I mean who couldn't live without chicken nuggets?), so we shop at organic food stores like Aldi's and Trader Joe's or nearby farmer markets. A wicken is like a good witch that deals with healing and herbs and that kind of stuff. But me, I honestly don't have a clue. My mom said I used to have a special gift; to be able to see magical creatures. But I don't remember any of it. And plus, they don't exist. Or that's what Dad would say. I was thinking about what other advise Dad used to tell me when my mother came running into the house and slamming the door shut.
"Mom, what's going on? Is there another bear out there?"
"No, nothing honey. I just need you to lock the dors and windows."
"Just...because! Now hurry!"
I made sure each door was locked and each window in the house was closed. Mom turned off all the lights and closed the blinds. "Why are we doing this?"
"Rose take Becky into the basement."
I didn't know what was going on, but all I know is that something bad was going to happen and we needed to aact like we weren't home.
"Good, now you stay in the basement while I park the truck a mile from her. Whatever you do don't open the door! Got it?" Her voice was fearful. I want to help her but when she was like this I knew to just go with the flow until it was over.
The last time Mom acted like this was when she said I couldn't see magical creatures anymore. I don't remember me ever seeing magical creatures, but I do remember my mother acting the way she is now when she found out I couldn't see creatures anymore.
"What are you doing here? I told you she isn't going back!" I could hear my mother yell from upstairs in the kitchen. Who was she talking to?
"Hello Sage," Said a creepy, raspy voice. Who was Sage?
"I'm not Sage anymore! I'm Claire Williams. And I have already told ever since she lost the sight that she will not, shall not go back to that school again!"
"Oh but Sage, you know that's not possible. She is a Human/Fairy hybrid. Hybrids are mandatory to come to Magik Academy and you know that. Plus she hasn't finished her studies. But don't worry, things have changed over the centuries and there are stricter rules. RoseMary will be fine." The raspy voice was old and whithered like a dead plant.
"Her name is Rose; and I don't want her knowing about my past or what she is! What's wrong with her living a normal Human life."
"Nothing at all Sage. But in the end that is her decision. You cannot make choices for her all her life. Now wher is RoseMary?"
It was silent for awhile but eventually Mom called me upstairs.
I was prepared for the worst; a mental robber coming to kill us, a terrorist, and arsenist, a murderer on the loose. But that thing in the middle of the linolieum floor in my mother's kitchen didn't compare to any of things. I'm not even sure it was human. It was floating 5 inches of the floor, wearing a black cloak. And the inside of the hood was empty except for the deep glowing red eyes. Eyes that could look into your soul and know every secret you kept.
"Rose, this is Drako. Drako, you've met Rose."
"Hello RoseMary. I don't think you remember your Uncle Drako but I remember you." The voice was coming from the empty head and glowing red eyes.
"Mom, what is that thing?" I said quietly. That shadow thing was so intimidating that I couldn't even speak right. My mother came to my side and held me close.
"Rose this is the Demon Headmaster Drako. He has come to take you to Magik Academy."
"Magik Academy?"
"Oh no, Faeries, I'm not her to take her. Werewolf Headmaster Wolfbane will get her by the end of th Summer Solstice. Which gives you 3 weeks. I am just her to warn you. Or as you Humans say...what is is...give you a "head's up" or something?"
"Fairy, I'm a fairy? I can't be! I'm 5'3 and a half! And growing." I don't like being called small. I was a very small little kid back then.
"Look you have three days until Headmistress Calypso comes to see if RoseMary will attend Magik Academy. Good Luck, to the both of you." And with that, a black cloud surrounded Headmaster Drako and then cleared revealing an empty space where he (or it) was floating.
"Mom, what the HELL was that??!?!?"
"It's not going to be easy, but I'll tell you..."

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