Diary of a teenage girl

Well, i wanna see how many people read this, i just got bored last night and wrote the first chapter. Enjoy. XD

Chapter 1


Dear Diary,

Hi, I am just starting this today because my best friend Amelia finally got me to start this. So, I will start with some of the basics. My name is Arizona Lydia Platt and I have an older sister Leslie. We get along ok I suppose. I am 16 years old and I have a boyfriend, Tyler Paterson. I have light brown hair and hazel eyes. My favourite singer is Rihanna and my fave movie is The Underworld trilogy. I live in America, New York City. My parents are really rich and they want me to go to Julliard since I am really good at playing the piano, but I want to be a party/wedding planner when I get out of high school. Tyler wants to be a doctor. Leslie is training to be a nurse because she is really smart, so am I, but still. I also love to read and I have 3 dogs. Eve, Berry and Thistle. They are all Border collie puppies. Anyway, my best friend is Summer. She has blond hair and blue eyes.

Today, when I woke up, Thistle was sitting beside my bed staring at me. Which was weird, because my door was still shut, then I bet Leslie put her in my room, since she was my puppy and Leslie doesn’t like animals, unless they are dead. I am the only animal lover in the family. Summer also loves all animals, which is one of many things we have in common. Anyway, I should go, I need to go to bed, it’s really late. Oh, and it’s a week from prom. Yay. :)

Love, Arizona

Comment, rate, criticise. This is only the introduction, I would also like some help with plots and twists and turns in her life, because I suck at knowing some of these things.
Love Ky.

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