Young Mia has lost everything. Her family, boyfriend and friends. One day she finds out she's meant to be a reaper. Her first assignment is to trail Sebastian amd Ciel until they die. Will she be able to kill them or will she risk everything for a secong chance for them.

Chapter 1


Name: Sebastian Michaelis
Looks: Tall, shaggy black hair, wine colored eyes, pale, dresses in all black, gloves on hands at all time.
Personality: Secretive, loyal, evil, demonic

Name: Ciel Phantomhive
Looks:Short, grayish-blue hair, one eye blue other one covered with a eye patch, looks around thirteen. Where's a blue ring on thumb
Personality: sinister, will do anything to reach goals

Name: Mia Elric
Looks: Icey blue hair in a pixie cut, ice blue eyes, tall, pale, never smiles
Personality: Sad, distant, doesn't talk a lot

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