My life of minor pain and injuries is my life of pain, and also major injuries, and also the minor ones.

Chapter 1


by: Jaediie
at age 18 months
i broke my leg, i was swinging on a swing-set and landed wrong.
at age 7 or 8
i crashed through a window, nearly fell out, and got glass stuck in my knee (i may still have it to this very day)
at age 9
i crushed my arm in a big, heavy, metal door
at age 10
i got a concussion from a football hitting my temple with such force i fell to the ground and nearly cracked my head...
i also crushed my ligament when i fell straight on my knee....
at age 11
i crushed or splintered my bone on a metal slide...
and there will be more to come, i am sure of it!

also, i am a strep carrier, as in i ALWAYS have strep throat living in me
and i get pneumonia usually once a year, and i am allergic to one of the cures, i found out the hard way.
and i sprain my something about once a month!
i now wear a big metal knee brace! (hip-hip-hooray. -.-) you think you KNOW me?


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