PMD: Team TrooBloo - My Best Friend

PMD: Team TrooBloo - My Best Friend

This is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon thing based off my game! Kahoko is Me, she is a Squirtle. Kieth is my partner, he is a Pikachu. Together, we are Team TrooBloo!!! xD Hope you like it!!!

Chapter 1

... Whe...Where am I...?

(Kahoko's POV)

My eyesight was hazy as I came to. Where am I...? I thought as I lay on what felt like sand. Sand? I dont remember passing out on a beach. I can hear the sounds of the sea and the cries of Wingull in the distance. i try to get up, but immediately lay back down from the sharp pain in my head. Stay awake... I tell myself. Cant... Drifting off...


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