Not A Demon, Nor an Angel

Not A Demon, Nor an Angel

Sheila was happy and healthy. But something happens on her 27th birthday.
Michael is 48 when he moves in. And things will come clear, but I'm gonna let the story explain.
Enjoy, rate, and comment. Please :)

Chapter 1

A New Home

Michael and his children where moving from Neverland. Moving to somewhere different, somewhere in Los Angeles.
They were on a tour of the lovely mansion with their guide. Once they walked in the door they felt love and warmth overwhelm them. But Michael also felt a chill run down his spine.
Every room was elegant and enchanting. The kids and chosen the rooms that they desired. Michael wondered why nobody wanted this house because it was so elegant and fancy. But he didn't ponder on that thought for too long.
They were headed up the stairs to the master bedroom, where Michael would be.
Michael was intrigued by the room. It was beautiful, large, and had much natural light. All though it was colder in that room than the rest of the house, which seemed a bit odd.
He had turned to the guide to tell him that he wanted the house. But when he did he saw a girl standing right outside the door to the room. He couldn't see her face because she had her backed turned to him as she looked down at the first floor.
She had long, curly brown hair, and was wearing a gorgeous purple gown. Michael gazed at her for a moment then decided to ask about her. He wondered why she was at the house, he knew that no one had lived there for at least a year.
"Um... Who is that girl over there?" He asked the guide.
The guide gave a confused look. "Girl?"
Michael nodded. "Yes, that girl there- Hey wait!!"
She had turned and started walking down the hallway. Michael started after her, but when he reached the hallway she was gone. And there wasn't another room down the way she had gone.
Michael furrowed his eyebrows in confusion. "But she was just...." His voice trailed off as he stood there in shock.
"Dad? Are you ok?" Prince asked him.
Michael looked at him then sighed. "I guess I'm just tired. Sir, I would like to rent this house." He turned to the guide, but his mind was still pondering about the mysterious woman he had seen.
The guide nodded and they went to sign the paperwork. They started down the stairs.
Michael looked back at the master bedroom, only to see the same woman again with her back turned to him as she walked into the master bath.
He blinked a few times and shook his head. ''What the hell is going on here?'' He thought.

They finally finished with the papers 3 hours later. They had moved all their things into their rooms. Michael was sitting on his bed reading a book, when he heard the balcony door open.
He looked up and saw the same woman walking out onto the balcony.
The wind blew in her hair as she grasped onto the railing and started crying.
Michael slowly stood up and quietly walked to the balcony door she had left open.
"Um... Are you ok? And who are you?" He asked.
She snapped her head up that was once hanging low and turned on her heels to look at him.
She had the most beautiful eyes he had ever seen. He had never seen silver eyes before, but hers were full o mystery and loneliness.
She quickly ran down the balcony stairs and ran around the corner of the house.
"Wait!!" Michael called after her. He ran after her, but when he ran around the corner of the house, she was gone.

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