The Frozen

The Frozen

I am so sorry if I sent you a thousand invitations for this! I didn't do it on purpose! My computer was bugging out so I pressed "Send invitation" a million time! So sorry!
Okay, so the first chapter is a true story, lol :P
Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

Amy's POV

by: Free_Wolf
"Now if you multiply pi by the diameter, you get the circumference of the circle..."
Math could seriously get boring sometimes. But the real problem was the cold. It was about -12°C outside, and the heaters broke down in the entire school. I wondered why they didn't just simply cancel school. I was just about to freeze to death, when the bell rang. What a relief!
I checked my watch with shivering hands. It was 9:00, I had to hurry.
I rushed to my locker and quickly exchanged my Math stuff for my English books. My fingers were numb from the cold. The second I had zipped my backpack up, I was running towards the English classroom.
I opened the door and jogged to my seat before the second bell could announce I was late. As soon as I sat in my usual spot in the back of the classroom, I heard the bell ring again. I sighed. It was rare I got here on time.
I looked around the class and realized half of us weren't here. The teacher was pacing back and forth, impatient to punish all the late students. Then it came to me: the low level Math class was missing.
I was in the intermediate Math class, and I hated it. I mean, it wasn't too hard and the teacher was nice, the problem was that the teacher wouldn't bring us to a different classroom where the radiators actually worked. The advanced and low level Math classes all got to change. The advanced class was here, but where was the low level Math class?
The teacher decided she would start class without them, so took a long piece of chalk out and started writing on the board. I took my pen out and started writing down poetry definitions.
I noticed a few people were passing notes around, and I guessed what they were saying. I even got one myself, from my best friend. We didn't usually talk, so I guessed it was sort of important.
hey do u have any idea where the low level math class is??
no, sorry
i got a note from vincent saying they disappeared from the school or something
and you believe him?
well, no, but still, what if its true?
dont worry, theyre probably just fine. i bet theyll be back by next period
if you say so
She was worrying for nothing. I wondered where Vincent got that idea. Now that rumor was going to spread throughout the whole school. Great.
I couldn't stop shivering by the end of English. I trembled back to my locker, dreading the fact that the teachers would chase us out of the buildings for recess.
Suddenly, I heard a loud thump and an ear piercing roar from outside. The wind this year was more violent than it had ever been in this region. I wrapped my scarf around my neck and zipped my puffy coat up. The wind made the air feel like it it was -30°C. I slipped my money in my pocket and prepared to freeze as I opened the door.
It was worse than I thought. The moment I had swung the door open, it seemed the wind had blown all the cold from the entire school right at me. I felt as if I was going to become ice, that my blood would freeze and crumple in my veins.
I made myself randomly laugh as I had the sudden image of Jack from The Shining when he had frozen at the end of the movie. I had the feeling I would die the same way. It was just so cold!
I went to buy my usual morning snack and ran back into the school building. I rushed to the bathroom to look at myself in the mirror to check the damage. I gasped.
My face was ghost pale, almost translucent and my nose and ears were as bright as a tomato. I laughed at myself. I looked horrible.
I heard the bell ring again and I ran to German.

Again, the low level Math class was absent.


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