before today

this was a poem i had to write for my english class and everyone reaaly liked it ,i hope you do to

Chapter 1

Before Today

by: AliLCE
Before today I dint know your name
As I see you walk the walk without shame
You stood strong as if nothing was wrong
I saw you smile which never g one
Passing days made it impossible avoid you
You shined through me i was no longer blue
I see the way the way you sprouted
You now, progressed without a doubt
You bumped me on a dark and gloomy day
Giving direction showing me the way
Your success you showed me everyday
Finally I found another promising way
I’m so blessed to be in your presence
Which allowed me to learn life’s lesson
The closer we become I got know the real you
Our worlds had ups and downs who knew
Yet trysting each other with are secrets
However we promised to live each day without regrets
Life is too short not to try
So together let’s just fly


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