Who would you fall for {in the form of a book}

I was going to make a quiz but I'm doing this on my iPad and it was very hard. So I'll make it a story first and then upgrade to a computer to make a quiz. Here's the basics: you have a selection of 10 delicious looking men. You are drop dead gorgeous. In fact, your the second prettiest girl in the 'world'. Have fun. But not to much fun, this is a public thing. And I will be making little comments in parentheses that look like this --> { } The picture I have in this chapter is Cherry.

Chapter 1

Welcome to wondermand

"Forever my soul! Forever my love! Don't leave me alone you're my only one!" the girl on the radio sang as you drove to work.{did I mention your 22?} as the song came to an end the radio announcer was promoting some contest for tickets to the girls concert "c'mon, c'mon! Pick up that cell phone and dial our number! If you don't get these tickets now you won't get em' at all!" you sighed annoyed as you pulled into your work place{you work at an art museum} it seemed to be the same routine every day. You get up, go to work, come home. There were the normal things like meals and bathing In between but Rarely anything else. "good morning Rhonda!" you say cheerily as you greeted the elderly receptionist. "good morning Amity." she greeted back{your name means 'friendship, harmony'} as you walked into your office you saw a card on your desk. 'I'll see you this evening darling.' was all it said. You gave the card no thought and got to work organizing exhibits for local artists and ones that were more well known. It got darker and by eight you were all prepared and ready to leave. As you walked back to your car, you felt watched. You looked around uncomfortably before getting into your car. The roads were eerily empty and everything about this night made you uneasy. "could it had been the card?" you asked your self. You pulled into your driveway and walked quickly to the side door and unlocking just as fast. The house was dark and quiet. "why must I live alone!?" you asked yourself as you walked into the sitting room flicking on the lights. You stopped moving completely to see something you never thought you'd ever see. Sitting in a chair, in your house, was a 17 year old girl drinking a glass of dark red wine. She had light brown hair tied into a bun with a strand of hair on either side of her face and a dark blue-ish grey eyes. "W-what are you doing here?!" you said loudly. "I told you I'd be meeting you later, didn't I?" 'oh. That's what the note meant.' "how did you know where I worked? How did you know where I live? How did you get into my house?!" the girl looked relaxed like she received reactions like this often. She crossed her legs, looked up at me, smiled, and said, "hello. My name is Cherry Lexington. Pleasure to meet you." my jaw dropped. "Ch-cherry Lexington!?" she was a very famous female for her age throughout the world. "yes, now let's get going." she said as she stood up. "where are we going?" she looked at you like, 'really? Did you really just ask me that?' "you'll see. Now come with me!" she sounded like she was getting annoyed. "tell me where we're going first" you demanded standing still. "come now, your acting like a child Amity." she said putting a hand on her hip. "How do you know my..." you trailed off as Cherry sang a relaxed low note. You slowly drifted to sleep.{fast forward a couple of days} you woke up in a room with black lace curtains, dark cherry wood furnishings, white walls with gray paint splatters, and you were laying on a bed that looked like a rain cloud. You looked around and saw that you were completely alone. You got out of the bed having trouble walking. 'how long was i out?' you asked yourself. On the mirror of the dresser, written in bright red lip stick, was a note. 'come find us when your up. XX Cherry' you slumped your shoulders un-happily. You were getting tired of her mysterious notes. You pulled back one of the black lacy curtains. It was still dark outside but the sun was slowly coming up. You walked out of the room and wandered around until you found some stairs leading to a lower level of the building you were in. You walked around a little until you heard voices. You followed them until you found a sitting room. With a bunch of half naked men in it. Some of them were just wearing pants/boxers, some of them had robes, and some of them were just wearing briefs. And sitting in the middle of them, was a corset-panty wearing 17 year old girl drinking a cup of tea. 'so that's her dark secret' you thought to yourself feeling slightly jealous. "good morning darling!" she said happily as gestured for you to sit next to her. You took the chair next to hers and leaned over to her to quietly ask, "are all these men 'yours'?" she nearly died laughing. She put her tea cup down so she could wipe tears from her eyes. "what?" you asked looking confused. She stood up gesturing to the man who was standing behind her chair. "Amity, I'd like you to meet my older brother and his friends." different forms of greetings came from the room. You started laughing out of embarrassment. She put a hand on your shoulder and looked at your hair/outfit with disgust. "your beautiful darling, but if you stay more than one day in the same get up you look terrible" she pulled you out of the chair and pushed you upstairs. "let's go make you fabulous" she said ignoring your protests.

Kay loves. That's the first chapter. We have Cherry in there for moral support.
Remember, I love you! :}

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