POEM- Two Month Anniversary 7/6/12

Wrote her a poem for a first month, and so for the second, even if I might not be able to talk to her on Friday, I love her. Yeah guess I'm a sap! xD

Chapter 1

To Cindy aka Alexs_Property.

I wanna sing my love a song, 
Now is that wrong? 
Seriously, it's been 2 months, 
And nothing's ever felt more right.
I could talk to her all night,
Hell, maybe even on the phone  singing,
If it wasn't for my iPod dying,
Or for falling asleep,
But I still see her in my dreams.

She's my everything,
I'm hope I'm not being to straight forward with everything I'm saying,
Sorry if I am,

I just wanna hold your hand,
You're my dragon slaying, half angel vampire gurlfriend who's got my heart, 
You're my love,
This might sound extremely cheesy,
But I think you're the one,
I love you so much,

I'm sorry if I sound clingy,
Or if I'm getting ahead of myself,
But If I think of my life without you,
It'd be Hell.

Sure, I'm your half demon, werewolf, fox–cough fyck up cough- gurlfriend,
I guess I can try to be strong,
But without you it'd all feel wrong,
Now  let me sing this song 
To my small town Gurl,
Who I probably shouldn't even call Mine,
Cause she's so divine,
But so coo-coo (cute) at the same damn time,
And how she loves me for the dumbazz that I truly am,
and I can't understand why it has taken so much time,
To see this small town gurl is the catch of a life time. 


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