2 Good 2 Be True- (Harry Styles Love Story)

2 Good 2 Be True- (Harry Styles Love Story)

How would you feel if Harry Styles came to your school? I don't about you guys but I would be fan girling so hard haha. Anyway, my new story is filled with love, drama, and a little mystery. Comments and criticism are always wanted.Hope you like it! Enjoy :)

Chapter 1

New Student

by: 1D4Life
I walked into the school building with my head held high. This year was my year and no one was going to hold me back. High School can be a war zone if you’re not careful. I’ve seen it all basically but being a senior now gives me the advantages of not having to deal with all the “old” drama such as getting shoved into lockers and losing lunch money. I now drive to school and have people part the ways in hallways to let me through like the Israelite people did with the Dead Sea. When I walked in this time though, people were focused more on something else. All of my classmates (more the girls) were chatting frantically over something. I made my way over to them and they immediately stopped their conversation and greeted me with open arms.
“Victoria! I’ve missed you tons. You look great!” Casey said taking a step back to examine me.
“Thanks so do you.” Nicole nudged her and then pointed ahead of us which were behind me. I looked over my shoulder as I heard ear piercing screams fill the room. All of the girls were racing to the front entrance of the school including my friends and I.
“Oh my god! He’s here!” I knew who she was talking about right away. It’s been all over every website, magazine, and celebrity gossip show possible. Harry Styles was supposedly taking time off from being in the band to finish up High School. MY High school out of all places. Don’t get me wrong I’m a total fan, dedicated I should say. He’s my favorite in fact but it was pretty hard to believe that he’d be attending MY school. I mean would you believe it?
Big bodyguards surrounded his car to keep the girls away and more surrounded him as he made his way up the steps into the building. Hands were waving at the bodyguards as the girls tried to touch the British hunk. I stayed back though, keeping it cool. One of us had to be the mature one about this after all.
“Alright Ladies and Gentlemen, please go to your 1st period class. Information will be given to you all then. Teachers please guide the students to where they need to go.” Our Principal said through the loud speaker. Everyone awed as they were shooed away from Harry to go to class. I went my separate ways from my friends to my 1st period and took a seat in the middle where I would be around everyone.
One by one as the kids made their way into the class they said hello to me and I talked to a few before the teacher came in. Everyone kept quiet, real quiet.
“Now boys and girls, you all probably know by now that we have a celebrity joining our school. He will be in the senior class so you might have him in some of your own classes.” The girls gasped and I held my breath trying to not fan girl uncontrollably.
“Quiet down now. I was informed to tell you all that there was one person chosen to be his tour guide for a little while until he settles into the new environment. That person has already been chosen.” I looked around and saw all the girls at the edge of their seats.
“Who is it?” Taylor (one of the girls) asked.
“I don’t know. All I know is that someone was already chosen and that Mr. Cramer (our principal) will go to the class that he or she is in to tell them.” The teacher said.
“When?” I asked. I felt everyone’s eyes on me and I shrunk back in my seat a little bit.
“Sometime during this period.” I nodded. She started to explain about the school year and what we would be doing but I didn’t bother paying attention. I just kept staring at the clock and watched the minute hand slowly bounce to the next. A knock was heard on the door and I sat straight up in my seat. I glanced over at Nicole who was in my class as well and bit my lower lip hard. She nodded and bounced in her seat excited. We all knew what was happening. Mr. Cramer came in and stood before the class.
“Hello everyone. You know by now about the tour guide thing and I’m happy and a little nervous to tell you all that the person who was chosen is indeed in this class.” I felt my heart race and my palms sweat. I prayed to the heavens that I would be the lucky one who was chosen.
“The person who will be showing Mr. Styles around is our very own Victoria Bentley.” My eyes went wide when my name was called and Harry walked into the room. The girls squealed in their seats and I was motioned forward to Harry. I played it cool even though I was fan girling on the inside.
“Hi I’m Harry.” He said in his adorable accent.
“Victoria.” I replied. I never thought in a million years I would be showing a celebrity around my school, and a hot one on that note.

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