My love story

this is my love story.... i hope you like it!

Chapter 1

First day of school

I woke up dazed from a good night's sleep. Then i realized that it was the first day of 7th grade! I hoped out of bed and straight into the shower. I blow dried and straighted my hair and walked into my closet looking for ann outfit. I finally picked out skinny jeans and a blue top that showed off all my curves. I walked down stairs only to trip on my cat, whiskers, and tumble down the stairs.

"Sarah!!!!!!" my little brother screamed as he saw me land on my side at the end of the sstair case.

"It's fine Michael, I'm okay, now calm down before mom and dad hear." I stood up to show him that I was fine, only to fall back down again.

"SARAH! NOOO!" Michael was always such a drama queen, even for a 10 year old boy.

"What's going on here?!"

"Uh oh... here comes mom" i mumble under my breath

"MOM! Sarah just jumped down the stairs and then told me to shut my mouth! Punish her!" Michael said as he ran to hug my mom.

"WHAT?! Mom that is so not what happened! I fell down the stairs and then I told him to stop screaming!" I stormed out of the hallway and staright into the kitchen where i was greated by my dad making pancakes for breakfast.

"Hey Sarah! You hungry?" He said with a huge smile on his face.

"No thanks, dad, i think ill just have yogurt." i opened the fridge and got out the yogurt.

"Suit yourself" He said as he shrugged and started to whistle. I smiled. I could always count on my dad to make my day.
I packed my lunch and got everything ready for my first day of school. My family just moved to Calgary and i was starting a new school for the rest of juionor high. i have to admit i was really nervous...

After saying goodbye to my parents and my brother, i hoped on the bus and sat in a seat in the back. I figured if anyone was gonna sit with me, they could but im not going to make an effort until we actually get to school.
At the next stop, a blonde barbie sat down next to me.
`Great` i thought to myself `i get a barbie for a new friend... lucky me!`

``Hi! I`m Carly! I`m new here but it looks like a nice school and it looks like it has lots of nice teachers and people and just nice everything!``

"I`m Sarah. I`m new too. And i hope so!"

We talked the rest of the way about ourselves and i was actually enjoying her company for a bit. I learned that she was from Ontario and she loved baking, just like me! We walked into the school liked we owned the place and i was enjoying my first day so far!

When we walked into class we learned that our homeroom teacher, Mrs.Stang, didn`t like putting girls with girls and boys with boys so we would be working and sitting with a person of the opposite gender. I looked over at Carly as to say "You have got to be kidding me" Not that i had anything wrong with guys and stuff like that but all these guys were... how do i say this nicely... not good-looking.

"So lets get starte-" Mrs.Stang started to say but was cut off by someone else walking in.

"Sorry I`m late, I kinda got lost`" Everyone turned around to see who the mysterious voice belonged to.

"That`s alright, Nickolas. Come and meet your classmates."

"It`s Nick and okay" He walked towards the group of guys that was standing in the corner. Now let me tell you, he was HOT with a capital H! I couldn't keep my eyes off him as we all picked our seats. None of us could chose who we wanted to sit with so Mrs.Stang assigned us to our seats. My fingers were crossed that I would end up with Nick as she read out the names.
Althea and Justin
Dana and A.J
Carly and Graydon
Julia and Jeremy
Emma and Eric
Marissa and Tyler
Sarah and Nick
Megan and Noah
Mackensie and Bryce
Alysha and Jack
Jillian and Jacob
Calista and Patrick

I looked over to Carly and we both smiled at each other.I looked over at Graydon and saw that he wasn't as near as ot as Nick but he was probably one of the hottest guys in te class. I gave Carly a thumbs-up and she smiled back. Then we took our seats and waited for Mrs.Stang to tell us to do something.

"I want you all to talk to the person beside you, get to know them. Don't worry these won't be your permanent seats, i switch them every so often so yo wont have to sit with someone for more thhen a week or 2. " When she said that last part my smile turned into a imediate frown. calm down i thought You still get to talk to Nick for a week
I turned to him and smiled. he has the cutest brown eyes then i snapped myself out of it.

"hi, I'm sarah" I smiled again

"yeah i figured that part out since like our names are on the bored together." he smiled back. "I'm Nick"


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