A Poem for anyone who listens

Chapter 1


What's the reason to live?
For me is to be with you.

Why do You make me suffer, but i still love you?
Because Love is stronger than hate.

Would I ever mean sometime more to you then a friend?
Maybe,I don't know time will tell

Why are you my friend i don't derseve you?
That one you have solve, i can't give you an answer.

Your the sunlight that makes the earth brighter,while I'm the moon that olny comes out when it's dark. Your laugh makes everyone happy, while I rather smile than laugh. I know were different but together we complete one person. Because You read this you know there's someone looking for you to complete them. Or your just a great friend who actullay listens to people when they talk.

Ps. i know it's not really a poem. But My friend told me to write down something to kept my mind in peace. I had a poem in mind but forgot it when i got on my laptop lol


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