Hunger Games or Harry Potter Parody Contest!!!

Yes, I got the idea from someone else. I take no credit!!!
I changed it a little, though :)

Chapter 3

GabbyGaga's parody - #7, Boyfriend, by Justin Beiber


If I was your boyfriend, I'd prote-e-ect you
From the Hunger Games, Snow, and Peacekeepers too
Katniss please, or you'll never see, what it's like to be with me
Katniss, Katniss, Katniss, I need you
You in your fire dress, don't know why I wouldn't want you
You know what I need, and it's only you
Please say yes to me, in 4, 3, 2.

Katniss, your everything I want
Katniss, let me care for you!

If I was your boyfriend, I'd protect you
Gale would say the same too.
But I got the muscle, talent, and love
Katniss if I was your boyfriend I would love you and only you

I know what you want, but not what you dont
I could be your ginger bread man
I can give you anything you want, believe me I can
I'm gonna show you off, all over Panem
With your hot flames, the sky will never be dim
Katniss, Katniss, you could be my girlfriend
You could be with your Peeta untill the world ends!
I saw you spin like the wind at the interviews
Baby I have no one, you I could use

Your everything I want
Katniss, let me care for you!

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