Hunger Games or Harry Potter Parody Contest!!!

Yes, I got the idea from someone else. I take no credit!!!
I changed it a little, though :)

Chapter 2

The Final List!

1. Stronger, Kelly Clarkson./// katniss_prim_rue
2. Glad You Came, The Wanted./// Clove_Forever
3. Where Have You Been, Rhianna./// LuvRossLynch
4. Dark Side, Kelly Clarkson./// Pusheenosaurus
5. Set Fire To The Rain, Adele/// peeta392
6. One Life, Hedley./// Peeta3
7. Boyfriend, Justin Beiber./// GabbyGaga
8. Forever Young, One Direction./// STILL OPEN!!!
9. Call Me Maybe, Carly Rae Jepsen./// BelieveInNargles
10. Up All Night, One Direction./// ThePowerWithin
11. Back To December, Taylor Swift./// Netless_C_Slidedaisy
12. Brokenhearted, Karmin./// Annemarie
13. Blown Away, Carrie Underwood./// SummerItUp
14. Eyes Open, Taylor Swift./// cloverforever
15. Safe and Sound, Taylor Swift./// KatnissEverdeen1001
16. Part of Me, Katy Perry./// ihartsnickers
17. Summer Paradise, Simple Plan./// Gale_and_Rue_Forever
18. Tik Tok, Kesha./// CloveD2
19. One Thing, One Direction./// KatLuvsDogs
20. Wide Awake, Katy Perry./// LuvHungerGames
21. Invincible, Hedley./// LouisGirl
22. We Found Love, Rhianna./// Rue_And_Thresh
23. What Makes You Beautiful, One Direction./// Katniss789

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