Hunger Games or Harry Potter Parody Contest!!!

Yes, I got the idea from someone else. I take no credit!!!
I changed it a little, though :)

Chapter 18

TheNarglesStoleMyShoes's parody: Up All Night, by One Direction

(Peeta singing to Katniss)

I am so much better than that hunting boy
I can bake delicious bread
(ba ba ba bake bead)
I can paint anything that you'd like me too
And Gale Hawthorne killed your sister
(ki ki ki killed your sister)

Peeta Mellark is awesome
He's so awesome
I bake bread, I paint, and make touching speeches
Gale hunts and that's pretty much it
pretty much it
I'm better than him

I am the better choice
I bake bread and Gale hunts stupid squirrels
I am the better choice
I saved your life and Gale killed your sister
You know that it is true
You can't deny it
I am the better choice
So pick me, forget Gale
Fo fo forget Gale,
I'm the better choice,
better choice,
Fo fo forget Gale,
and pick me

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