Hunger Games or Harry Potter Parody Contest!!!

Yes, I got the idea from someone else. I take no credit!!!
I changed it a little, though :)

Chapter 1

Yayz! Enter please!!!

Sooo... here's how it goes. I want to do a parody contest... but the parody has to be themed like one of the following:

- Hunger Games themed
- Harry Potter themed

So, If you want to enter... pick a number in between 1 - 23.
This means what? That only 23 people can enter? Yes.

So leave your number in the comments, and then I'll give you the song you must make a parody of. Thanks!!!! :D

Omigosh!!! I almost forgot the prizes!!!

1st place: A spot on my top friends list, also a personal letter to Quibblo asking for you to be featured member!
2nd place: I will name and base my character in my story after you. (it's a HG story.. and BTW, your character will win :D)
3rd place: I will get you at least 10 more friends!!! (I'm really good at that. ask Tara! :D)

No, the prizes aren't great. Sorry! There's only so much you can do through the internet! :D I hope you'll enter anyways!! Thanks!! It's going to be due July 31st.

~ Sarah

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