Thanks For The Memories: a Harry/Hermione Love Story

I hope you like this. :)

Chapter 1

Chapter One

by: ValeDecem
Hermione sat in the stands watching him practice, rolling her eyes whenever he showed off.
"Honestly, he wins one game so far and he think's he really is king." Hermione mumbled to herself. She pulled out her book and started reading once more.
"Isn't he brilliant!" A girl sighed happily beside her. Hermione peeked over her book and saw it was Lavender Brown, she bit back her laugh.
"Very." Hermione answered her sarcastically. Lavender was too engrossed in Ron that she didn't hear the sarcasm in Hermione's voice. Hermione had nearly finished her book by the time practice was over. She stood up and stuffed her book back in her bag.
"Finally." She said stretching. She walked towards the boys changing room and waited for her two best friends.
"You did great today Ron." Lavender beamed as soon as Ron had stepped out of the changing room.
"Oh right. Thanks Lavender." He nodded. Hermione turned to say something to Harry but he wasn't there.
"Where's Harry?" She asked Ron, interrupting his conversation with Lavender.
"He was right behind me a second ago." Ron said shrugging it off and turning back to Lavender, they both proceeded to walk back to the castle together. Hermione sighed and pulled the curtain back to the changing room.
"Harry, are you alright?" Hermione called. There was no answer, she stepped in and did a quick scan for any changing boys, when she saw none she continued looking for her other best friend.
"Harry? Where are you?" Hermione called a little louder. She turned towards the cupboards that they kept their brooms, and uniforms in and Harry was lying on a bench with his eyes shut. Hermione rushed to his side.
"Harry, are you okay?" Hermione asked concerned. Harry opened one eye and laughed.
"I'm fine, just got hit in the head with the quaffle, and my head still hurts." He said, sitting up.
"Why didn't you answer me?" She asked crossing her arms.
"My head hurts Hermione, I didn't want to talk and make it worse." He said rubbing a bump on the side of his head.
"Come on, lets go to the Hospital Wing." She sighed pulling him up. She grabbed his school bag and threw it over her arm along side hers. They walked to the Hospital Wing in silence.
"Quidditch, nasty sport, if you ask me." Madam Pomfrey huffed as she mended Harry. Hermione smirked at Harry, because she agreed with her, Harry just rolled his eyes. When she was done, she sent them off. They walked to the Great Hall for dinner.
"Where's Ron?" Harry asked, just realizing that he wasn't there.
"With Lavender." Hermione said in a mocking tone. Harry chuckled.
"Jealous are we?" He asked her. Hermione glared at him.
"Right, very much so. I'm completely jealous over their nonexistent relationship." Hermione laughed.
"Well what if they did start dating? Would you be jealous then?" Harry asked her, a little more seriously.
"Of course not. Ron's my best friend, nothing more. He's free to date whomever he likes, annoying or not." Hermione said.
"You're sure?" Harry asked her.
"Yes Harry. Why is he dating her?" Hermione asked. Harry shrugged.
"Not sure, seems like it." Harry said nodding to the pair as soon as they entered the Great Hall, they were sitting close to each other talking.
"Oh great." Hermione mumbled.
"I thought you weren't going to get jealous." Harry said teasing her.
"I'm not, I just realized if they date, that means we have to spend time with her too." Hermione said rolling her eyes. Harry froze for a second then groaned. They sat beside each other, across from Ron and Lavender.
"Where have you two been?" Ron asked as soon as they sat down.
"Well I went looking for Harry, since you didn't know where he was." Hermione said glaring at him.
"Then we went to the hospital wing, since that quaffle hit me in the head during practice." Harry said scooping mashed potatoes on his plate.
"Oh right, sorry mate. I didn't know it still hurt." Ron mumbled looking down.
"S'not your fault completely. You didn't know the quaffle would make it that far." Harry said.
"Wait Ronald threw the quaffle at you?!" Hermione said shocked.
"Yeah, weren't you watching?" Harry asked.
"I stopped as soon as Ron started showing off." Hermione said throwing him a look, he became more interested in his food than usual.
"Oh, yeah. He didn't mean to though." Harry said shrugging. Hermione glared slightly at Ron, but started eating soon after he smiled apologetically at her. When dinner was over Harry and Hermione left together to the common room.
"You don't suppose they'll snog in the common room do you?" Harry asked her. Hermione thought about it.
"I hope not, I study down there. I can't study in my dorm because all the girls gossip up there." Hermione said as Harry opened the portrait. They both walked through and stopped in their tracks at Ron and Lavender snogging.
"I might vomit." Hermione said covering her mouth.
"We can study up in my dorm, no ones up there." Harry said shrugging.
"Sure. You know he's lucky the twins aren't here anymore, they would have enough material to ruin Ron's life for the end of time." Hermione laughed.
"Wonder why Ginny hasn't said anything yet." Harry said nodding to her in the corner.
"Could be because, she know's Ron has seen her and Dean snogging." Hermione said as they walked up the boys staircase.
"Right, he nearly lost it all when he saw that." Harry laughed. They entered the dormitory and sat on Harry's bed. Hermione pulled out all her books and sat them beside her.
"We should study charms first, we have that exam in the morning." Hermione said dropping her charms book in front of her. She pulled off her cardigan and untucked her shirt from her skirt.
"I really hate having to be so formal with our uniforms sometimes." She said loosening her tie. Harry nodded and kept his head down in his book. Hermione saw his cheeks were painted red.
"You alright?" She asked him. He nodded, not looking at her.
"You sure, you're acting weird." She said laughing a little now. He just looked at his book. She waited ten minutes but he never looked up at her.
"Harry your cheeks are as red as cherries. What is wrong?" Hermione said frustrated now. Harry looked up at her finally and it looked like he was holding back his laughter.
"That's not the only thing that's red." He said looking down once quickly at her chest and back to her face. Hermione looked at him confused and looked down where he did. You could see her red bra right through her white shirt.
"Oh sweet Merlin." She said grabbing her cardigan and throwing it back on quickly. Harry just laughed.
"It's not funny." Hermione said her face growing more red by the second.
"What's not funny?" Ron asked walking into the dorm.
"Nothing." They both said in unison. Ron looked at them weirdly, but shrugged it off. He grabbed his maroon sweater with an "R" on it and left without another word.
"Five galleons says he's giving it to Lavender." Hermione laughed.
"I'll take that bet." Harry said. They both raced for the door. Hermione threw it open and ran to the balcony that overlooked the common room. They ducked down and peeked over the edge.
"He wouldn't be giving her his sweater this early in the relationship." Harry whispered, watching the two below.
"Are you kidding me, Lavender is madly in love with him, it's sickening. She probably asked him for it. Or Ron's insane and is giving it to her." Hermione whispered back. They heard a squeal of excitement and turned suddenly to see Ron holding his sweater out for Lavender. She hugged it in her arms then hugged Ron.
"Ha, told you." Hermione poking him.
"Don't poke me." He said poking her back.
"I'll do whatever I want." She said poking him again.
"That's it Granger." He said poking her repeatedly, they both got into a poking war as they were crouched down behind the balcony wall. Harry finally gave up complaining about the forming bruise on his arm.
"Come on lets get back to studying." Hermione said standing up and walking back into the dorm. She lounged on Harry's bed with her nose in her Charm's book. Harry lay beside her reading his book as well.
"Move over." Hermione said nudging Harry towards the edge.
"There is no more over. I'm on the edge as is Hermione." Harry said nudging her back, and off the bed. Harry leaned over the edge laughing.
"Are you alright?" He managed to get out. Hermione lay on her stomach and mumbled something into the floor.
"What?" Harry asked. Hermione sat up and glared at him.
"I said, you're a terrible best friend." She said brushing off her skirt and sweater.
"I'm an amazing best friend." He said pulling her down beside him. They sat there once more in silence as they read their books. It grew late into the night before Harry realized that Hermione had fallen asleep. He looked around and noticed all his other roommates were sleeping as well. He rubbed his tired eyes and decided on whether he should wake her or not. He decided on not considering the risk of her getting angry at him and hexing off pieces of him for waking her. He blew the candle out beside his bed and pulled the covers over Hermione, he took an extra blanket from his trunk and used that one for him. The next morning Hermione woke up to many boys snoring. She sat up quickly realizing that she'd fallen asleep in Harry's bed, and ended up in his arms. He rolled over when she moved and sighed quietly, he was the only one not snoring. He had a smile on his face, he must have been having a good dream.
"Bloody helI." She mumbled. She shook him lightly.
"Harry, wake up." She whispered.
"Shh..sleeping." He mumbled back to her.
"Get up you idiot. I fell asleep in your dorm." She whispered smacking his arm.
"I know." He mumbled sleepily.
"Well get up." She said pushing him, he fell off the edge and hit the ground with a loud thud. Some boys stirred, but never woke up. Hermione let out a sigh of relief and then started giggling quietly.
"I'd say that's payback." She whispered through her smile.
"Yeah, yeah, yeah." He whispered rolling his eyes.
"Would you care to tell me, why you didn't wake me up last night?" She asked him. He started to answer when Ron started mumbling for Harry to be quiet.
"We'll talk about this later." He said grabbing her books and throwing them in her bag. She took her bag from him and tiptoed out the door. Harry lay back down, trying to go back to his dream, but he couldn't. All he could remember was that it was a very good dream. When the boys began to wake up, Harry was already dressed and ready for the day. He was sitting on his bed studying some more before Charm's.
"Hermione's rubbing off on you mate." Ron said stretching.
"I s'pose." He shrugged.
"What time did she leave?" Ron asked climbing out of bed and grabbing his clothes for the day and a towel.
"I don't remember, late." He said lying.
"It had to have been, it was nearly midnight when Lav and I went to bed." Ron said.
"Lav? What does she call you?" Harry smirked. Ron turned red and hurried off to shower.
"By late you mean early this morning?" Seamus asked Harry as he pulled on his uniform.
"What are you talking about?" He asked him.
"I heard you both this morning." He said smiling.
"Seamus you can't tell Ron." Harry said lowering his voice in case Ron came back.
"Why not? He and Lavender are dating. What would he care if you and Hermione are shagging." Seamus said wagging his eyebrows.
"We're not shagging. Now be quiet about it. She just fell asleep here, that's it. We were studying." He said turning pink at the thought of he and Hermione together.
"Right and you two cuddling this morning. That's just a thing friends do is it?" Seamus laughed.
"I don't know, do you and Dean do that?" Harry laughed. Seamus glared at him and threw a pair of socks towards him.
"That's not funny." Seamus mumbled.
"Aww, did I hit a nerve?" Harry said mockingly.
"I'm warning you Potter. You don't stop, I'll tell Ron." Seamus threatened. Harry sobered up from his laughing and glared at Seamus.
"Fine, I'll stop. But I'm only going to say this once, there is nothing going on between me and Hermione." Harry said. He grabbed his bag and headed downstairs. When he walked into the common room, people started whispering around him. They stared and pointed at him. He spotted Hermione and walked to her.
"What's going on? Why am I a target again?" He asked her.
"It seems that my roommates have started a rumor of you and I." She said glaring at a group of girls whispering madly together.
"What kind of rumor?" Harry asked.
"That we're dating." Hermione said crossing her arms and glaring even more at the girls.
"Great. Just after I convinced Seamus not to tell Ron about you falling asleep in my bed." He whispered, so no one would overhear him and start even more rumors.
"He's bound to find out anyways. His girlfriend started all of this. She's deluded herself into thinking that I have feelings for Ron and that I'm jealous of them." She said.
"Why would she think that?" He asked her confused. They both left the common room and walked to the Great Hall for breakfast.
"Apparently she saw us spying on her last night when Ron gave her the sweater. So she took that as me being jealous." Hermione rolling her eyes.
"I can't believe it's true." Draco nearly shouted at them from the end of the hall.
"Just ignore him." Hermione whispered to Harry. She saw him reach for his wand in his pocket, she grabbed his arm to stop him from hexing Draco.
"Aww look they're even holding hands. Careful Potter, once you've got mudblood on your hands, it doesn't come off." Draco called to them as they passed.
"Harry no." Hermione said standing in front of him when he turned around. His face looked beyond furious, his hands were shaking and his wand was already out.
"Good girl Granger. Keep your boyfriend in check." Draco smirked.
"Do you ever get tired of being a prick?" Hermione said turning on him. He glared at her.
"What did you say to me?" He said moving towards her.
"I'm sick and tired of you pushing us around because you think you're better since your rich and are pureblood. I think the only true reason you don't like us is because the only people that like you are the ones that fear you. That's not friendship Draco. We have friends, true friends. So take your snobby arse to the Slytherin table and keep it there." Hermione said. She was only foot away from him, her glare was deadlier than Harry had ever seen it. Draco stalked off towards the table, his friends following behind him.
"That was brilliant." Harry laughed.
"Well someone needed to stand up to him." She said, stunned that she had just said all that to him. He threw his arm over her shoulder as they walked into the Great Hall, the tension in the room turned quickly as soon as they walked in though. People began whispering, words could be heard about them dating, or how Hermione had just told off Draco. Some girls glared at Hermione, she could tell that they were the ones that liked Harry. Some guys even glared at Harry.
"There's no way to end any of this." Hermione said trying to focus on her breakfast.
"We could just tell people it's not true." Harry said. Hermione looked at him and scoffed.
"Right because that'll work." She said taking a bite of toast.
"It's worth a shot." Harry shrugged, he said nodding at a group of girls whispering beside Hermione. Hermione sighed and tapped one girl on the shoulder.
"Hi, what exactly is going on?" She asked playing dumb.
"Oh don't pretend like you don't know. Everyone's talking about you and Harry dating." She said smiling.
"But we're not." Hermione said.
"Right, and you weren't sleeping with him last night." She said rolling her eyes.
"But I didn't." Hermione said frustrated.
"Then tell me why you came in so early this morning, in the same clothes you'd worn the night before." Lavender said breaking into the conversation, Ron was glaring at Harry, who was staring at his plate of food, pushing it around.
"Alright I fell asleep in Harry's bed, yes, I admit that. But it's not as if we did anything. We stayed up late last night studying and I just fell asleep. Ask any one of his roommates." Hermione said. Lavender turned to Ron.
"Won-won. Is this true, were they studying?" She asked him. Harry spit his pumpkin juice out onto the table when he heard Ron's nickname. Ron turned red and remained silent.
"Won-won?!" Hermione laughed, she and Harry were holding there sides after a good few minutes of laughing.
"They weren't studying!" Ron blurted out. Harry and Hermione sobered up and looked at Ron in outrage.
"Yes we were!" Harry said.
"Well that proves it. You both really are dating. Pity I thought you'd pick from a better selection." Lavender smirked.
"That proves nothing, just because Ron's upset at us laughing at that stupid name you call him. And what do you mean better selection?" Hermione said angrily.
"I'm just suggesting that Harry could have done better." She said brushing it off. Hermione gripped her fork so tightly it bent.
"If you two weren't dating, like you say you aren't, then that shouldn't upset you as much as it does." A girl from the group said smirking at Hermione.
"We're not dating!" Hermione shouted. The entire Great Hall grew quiet. Hermione stormed out, leaving everyone shocked at her outburst.
"Thanks Ron." Harry said grabbing he and Hermione's bags and following after her.


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