Its sad really

why cant i?

Chapter 1

it sometimes makes me angry! but not for real

i can
put both my feet behing my head then walk on my hands
wiggle my nose
move my ears
look in opposite directions at the same time
hug my legs while standing up
two backflips with no stop in between and land on my feet
i can write with both hands naturally
lick my nose
lick my elbow
make my eyebrows do the wave
bend my hand backwards and forewards completely
raise one eyebrow
lick my chin
draw the number 6 while making clockwards motion with my foot
not breathe and not pass out for 5 minutes
sneeze with my eyes open (its possibe and ur eyes dont pop out......everytime)
put my whole hand in my mouth
put my whole foot in my mouth
BUT I CANT FRIGGEN WINK!!!!!! uggggg lol


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