Smile(Harry Styles Love Story)

weird title i know, but its because i got the idea in the story from the music video. you'll see it soon.

Chapter 1


bzzt my phone buzzes with a text across my room. it's from my boyfriend, tommy. if you can call him that. he doesn't even know my favorite color. he thinks its blue. its actually red. bzzt god shut up. bzzt does he not get the hint. bzzt oh. my. god. then my phone starts playing 'smile' by avril lavigne. that's my text tone when i get a text from anonymous. this, i get up for. i stride across my room to my dresser. i pick up my phone and open the text.
look out your window it says. i smile, then walk over to my closet. i pull on bleached pin-striped shorts, a royal blue bandeau, and a royal blue see through tank. i tuck the tank into the shorts, and put on a blue beany hat. all in under 2 minutes. i pull on some black toms, and i walk over to my window, there standing there, is harry styles. the boy i've been cheating on my boyfriend with. he's grinning stupidly, and i laugh. i put my finger up to signal for him to wait, and i run out my room. im glad my parents are already at work and my brother is still asleep.i run out the front door, and i run to the side of my house, where my room is.
"harry!" i cry and i hug him. he holds me back then kisses me.
"anya, i've missed you so much" he says, pulling me closer to him.
"i've missed you too. but tommy wanted me to tag along to his family vacay..." i say.
"you can't keep doing this, anya" he right.
"i know, but.. he's manic. i'm scared" i say. one minute tommy can be sweet and dubious, then the next he's a killing machine.
"don't waste your life on him" harry says. "you're beautiful, funny, sweet, out going, smart..." he says. his eyes scan up and down my body. okay, i will admit i am kinda pretty. i'm tan, my legs are long and thin, but not too thin, and my hair is this shiny chestnut color. i have high cheek bones, and my eyes are blue.
"Im not that pretty. i look like i used too much tanning oil" i say.
"yes you are. your skin is a perfect golden, sun kissed tan. your face is prettier than an angels" he says.
"oh stop it. youre the perfect one" i say. he pecks me on the lips, and then i hear a familiar voice.
"anya?" my brothers voice calls. oh cr@pppp, my brother is friends with tommy.
"you have to go" i say.
"ok. i love you" he says.
"i love you too" i say. "Youre the one who actually has my heart" i whispedr as he runs away. My 16 year old self shouldve have been able to see the future. If it had, she wouldve hooked upwithharry and dump tommy. she wouldnt have spent 2 more years crying alone at night. She wouldnt be sneaking out of bed and staring longingly at the pictures of her and harry. She wouldve actually had a chance with him, and wouldve been happy. But she was too afraid. And her chance at love slipped away.

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