The Academy

When your little sister is the last family member alive, and your school is in danger who do you protect. Amy Kay has to figure out what to do. Save her school with help from her friend Jordan, or save her sister from a painful death.

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

I woke up early one morning. It was the first day of spring break. I woke up in my dorm like I always had. I ran upstairs to where the other girls were sitting.
“Did you hear about the movie plans Amy?” My sister Addison asked me.
“The move marathon you mean?” I asked the girls.
“’Course,” Ellie screamed.
“First movie on our list is Spy Next Door,” Addison said. We all went to go eat breakfast. As soon as we finished eating, we all ran downstairs to basement one of four. That was where most of our rooms were, and where we all hung out during the day. Emma turned on the huge 72’ inch flat screen we had in the common room. Ellie fought with the DVD player for a few minutes and then we watched our movie. Around noon we stopped our third movie (We had already watched Spy Next Door, Agent Cody Banks, and we were watching Spy Kids when we paused it.) and went to get lunch. Someone knocked on the front door. All of us looked up; no one had ever knocked on the door before. Ellie looked out the window.
“It’s some man,” She whispered. We all looked around not knowing what to do. The headmaster came out of his office. He opened the door quickly.
“My old friend, welcome, we’ve set up rooms for you and your students.” He said to the man.
“Students,” Ellie whispered questionably.
“No clue what he means,” Emma replied. We all broke out in whispers.
“I’ll bring the boys inside immediately,” The man said.
“Boys,” Addison whispered looking scared. We all laughed at her. The man came in followed by a bunch of boys. We watched the boys come in. I was surprised to see one of them that I knew.
“Addison, remind me to get a hold of Jordan,” I told my sister. I stood up and decided to go down stairs.
“Your students can join our few girls that are still here in their movie marathon,” The head master told the man. I slipped down the stairs before they noticed me.
“I would love to get to know some of the students,” One of the boys said.
“They will be heading down stairs in minutes; right through that door and down the stairs to the left and you’ll be in the common room.” The head master said. The doorknob turned and someone started down the stairs.
“Dancer, quit hiding.” He muttered.
“Abstract? Honestly, you have to quit doing that to me,” I glared at him.
“Sorry Dancer, I forgot how easy you are to scare.” Abstract replied.
“I quit going by dancer when I was nearly killed about a mile away,” I told him.
“So, it’s true, you did quit looking,” He whispered.
“I was nearly killed, I had to quit looking otherwise Addison wouldn’t have had anyone.” I replied. I was crying and he knew it.
“What’s wrong Amy, you never cry.” He whispered walking over to me.
“They’re dead.” I muttered. He hugged me tightly.
“I know, you said that when you called me last week when you were in Egypt.” Jordan said. I didn’t say anything, instead I walked away.

I heard Addison running down the stairs when I got to my room.
“Where’s Amy?” She asked Jordan.
“I don’t understand, last week she needed help in Egypt but she ran away when I mentioned it.” He told Addison.
“Egypt? There’s no way she was in Egypt last week unless it was while she was missing,” Addison said.
“Missing?” Jordan asked.
“All last week, Amy was missing, she disappeared on Monday and reappeared on Friday, she claims that she doesn’t know where they took her,” Addison told Jordan.
“She called me on Tuesday,” Jordan whispered. Addison didn’t answer; instead I heard her bare feet on the cement floor outside my room. The door opened and Addison came in. She walked over to my bed and sat on my trunk like I did when she was sad or sick.
“He called you dancer, you haven’t gone by that since we found you on Thanksgiving,” She whispered laying her hand on my leg.
“Abstract was always a piece of work,” I whispered.
“He’s the one you were with all those years? He’s the one who kept you alive on your missions for the CIA and you quest to find our parents?” Addison asked me crying.
I sat up on my bed and wrapped my arms around her shoulders. “Yes, that is him,” I whispered hugging her. Since we had gotten the news that our parents were found dead in the mountains, Addison hadn’t been acting the same. Let me rephrase that, as far as I know, she hadn’t been acting the same.
“They’re dead Amy, and then you disappeared on me. You disappeared less than a week after they found them dead.” She was screaming now.
“I know, I’ve been a bad sister,” I sighed. Addison had everybody’s attention now because next thing I know both Emma and Ellie are in my room. Ellie was lying on Amanda’s bed and Emma was sitting next to Addison hugging her. The four of us had the same basic story.
Our parents worked constantly and we only went home for summer and winter holidays. Even then, Addison went to our grandmother’s where she lived while I traveled the world. Jordan and I started looking for our parents when we were seven, which was two years after his and my parents left on the same mission for the CIA. Neither of our parents had returned.

Addison shook Emma away and ran out of my room. Ellie ran after her. Emma sighed before following them. I sat on my bed alone and cried. I hadn’t heard him come in, so I didn’t pay much attention until after he held me in his arms and was stroking my hair. I cried into Jordan’s shoulder for a little over an hour before I quit crying. He was smiling at me when I sat up and looked at him.
“Just like old times if you think about it,” he whispered pulling me into his arms and kissing my forehead.
“Except were not in Somalia,” I whispered. He nodded solemnly.
“That and neither of us are dying,” He smiled and kissed me.
“Well, at least some things changed.” I whispered yawning. He held me against his chest as I fell asleep. I was quickly dreaming.

I was lost and scared. I knew where I was trying to go, but the streets had changed since I had been in Cario last.
“Can you give me directions to the Chasta hotel,” I asked a man in fluent Egyptian. He pointed down the road and directed me to the right. Of course, now I remembered. I ran down the street to the hotel. A block away I saw a payphone and quickly called Abstract’s phone number. When he didn’t answer I left him a short message.
“Abstract, meet me at the Chasta hotel in Cario, it’s important, Dancer.” I said hanging up. I ran to the hotel quickly.
“Madam Kay,” The manager said seeing me. I noticed an emerald ring on his finger engraved with a symbol.
“A room please sir, and if you see my brother tell him where I am,” I asked the manager. He agreed and grabbed a key card to lead me to the room. As soon as I was in the room I found a pad of paper and wrote Abstract a note just in case they found me.
Abstract, they’re dead.
I might end up the same way,
Protect Addison, Dancer
The door was thrown open and I backed up. A man dressed in blood red came into the room. I was against the window when he attacked me. I ducked and he flew through the window. I jumped from the broken window.

I was falling, falling, and falling before Jordan shook me awake. He had both my wrists in his hand.
“Amy, breathe,” he whispered, “you remembered something didn’t you?” he asked after letting go of my wrists.
“The hotel was a set up, the manager was with them, I saw the ring but didn’t realize it,” I whispered crying.
“Amy, I know, I saw the broken window. You must have put up a fight though, at the hotel they found one dead man. I did find your note though,” he whispered. I didn’t say anything for a while.

Emma opened the door.
“Picture moment,” she said. “Not why I came in here though, dinner is ready and we all have to be there unless we are dying,” She said.
“We’ll be up in a few,” I told Emma. She hesitated and left the room.

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