Russia's adventures as a Chibi....A Hetalia Fanfic

Russia's adventures as a Chibi....A Hetalia Fanfic

This was inspired by pictures of Chibi Russia. kolkolkolkolkolkolkol

Chapter 1

Oh no! England's done it again!

Our story starts out with America making fun of England and England has had enough. After America left, England was at the end of his rope, so to speak so what did he do? He went down to his basement to put a curse upon that stupid American.
'That stupid American will never know what happened.' thought the English nation evilly with a aura to match Russia. He drew the summoning circle with chalk and began to speak the words. As England spoke the circle began to glow brighter and brighter until it started to dim down. It continued to dim and brighten repeatedly. 'Let's see America get out of this one.' thought England.
Suddenly England's stomach rumbled.
'Eating before giving this demon instructions won't hurt.' he thought and left the room to make a sandwich. Just as the door closed, someone appeared in the magic circle. The person wore a heavy winter coat along with a scarf. It was Russia. Russia smiled as he looked around. He had ended up in England's house once again. Russia stepped out of the circle and began to look around. He was looking a potion bottle when England opened the door. Russia, startled, took a step backwards, knocking the potion onto himself.
England was equally as startled as Russia, and covered his eyes when Russia began to glow brightly. When the light faded, nothing was there except for a lump in Russia's clothes. The lump was whimpering, trying to get out from under the heavy coat. England approached the coat carefully and lifted it up. He gasped at what he saw. "Russia!" he cried.

Authors Note: I know this chappie was short but... shrugs I wanted to end it on a cliffy. Oh please comment so I can know how I did. Please Russian smiley face! (


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