That Girl

Chapter 1

Ella Richfield


They never wanted to be that girl. The girl in school who everyone avoided. Who they stared at and whispered about. But they were. They were deemed freaks right out of 7th grade. Labels would never change they'd be the same girl in 10th grade as they were in 7th. Unless... they changed themselves.

Ella Richfield

Look down and avoid everyone. Avoid eye contact. Straight to your locker Ella. Grab your homework. Homework and books. I thought to myself. Holding my books close to my chest I rushed off to the first class of the day. It was only the second week of school and I was already enduring daily verbal abuse and people threatening me to do their homework.
"Hey Ella homework done?" A blond girl said quickly shoving my books to the ground. Everyone laughed.
"Oh Ella you really should be less clumsy." Her side kick said. I gritted my teeth and began picking up multiple papers that weren't even mine and gave them to their rightful owners. I sat in my lonesome corner in front twirling my brown hair with my number 2 pencil. Mrs Sanchez was late. Shes usually never late. 5 minutes passed then 10. Kids were getting bored and loud. I sighed and opened my book I was almost done with. I had finally finished my book and class was 15 minutes in when Mrs Sanchez arrived bringing a new student. She was intimidating. Her hair was big. It was white mixed with light lavender. Her eyes were covered in makeup and ice blue. Where mine were a warm dark brown.
"English class this is our new student Riley! Riley..."
"Barns. Riley Barns." She spoke softly. Mrs Sanchez nodded and told her to find a seat. There were plenty open but she sat behind me. I tended up a bit. Worrying that another person would verbally abuse me too. Class had finally ended after we turned in our assignments. I grabbed my books pressed them up against my chest and hurried to leave. Too late.
"Um excuse me. Ive got biology. Could you show me where that is?" Riley asked.
"U-uhh. Sure" I said. Biology was my next class.
"Thanks" she smiled.
"No problem let me just stop by my locker" I said. She nodded and followed me. As soon as I reached my locker I pulled out my biology book and slammed my locker shut. I felt like I had a parrot on my shoulder. I wanted to be alone but this Riley girl was seriously screwing me up. The plus side? People only stared they didn't speak.

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