A Kishin Kid (a Soul Eater fanfic)

Chapter 1

The Truth Uncovered

You are my son. Take me out. Kekkaishi, free from my prison.

Ahhhhh.... I wake up, heart pounding, breathing like I'm having an asthm attack.
"Arata, what's wrong? Are you okay?" she asked me.
"It's nothing, I just had a bad dream. Dad was talking to me again telling me to free him," I tell her.
"Well okay then. Get and get dressed. I making breakfast," my mom says.
I get dressed, and come down stairs.
"Hurry up and eat Arata, I don't want you to be latefor your first day of school," my mom tells me.
"Why do I have to go to school? We just got here, haven't gotten unpacked, and it's practically the middle of the school year here," I say in an annoyed voice.
At that moment, Akimi walks down the steps.
"Goodmorning Arata, goodmorning Miss Menaci," Akimi says in a kind voice.
"We should be going now," I say and take Akimi's hand and lead her out the door.
We both got on to my bike, and rode down to the DWMA. As we pulled up to the school everyone stopped and stared at us like we were crazy.
"Hey you down there on the motorcycle! I challenge you to a wowowooooooooooooooo!!!!!!," he yells. I look up to see as black dot start to fall off the top of the building.
He gets back up pretty fast and starts yelling again.
"My name is Black Star, the most talented, awsome, and cool person in this whole entire school and I challenge you to a,"
"ooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! Maka, what was that for!?!?!?" Black Staryells at her
"For being so stupid!!!" Maka yells back at him.
"I'm not being stupid, I'm being awsome!!!!" Black Star yells.
"Are you two going to duel or not Black Star?If not than you're wasting my time!" this strange man says to the loonatick called Black Star.
"Don't worry Stein,"
"Professor Stein to you Black Star," he says annoyed.
"yeah yeah. Because we are going to fight." Black Star says proudly.
"Ok lets go," Professor Stein says.
"Let go Tsubaki! Demon Sword mode!" Black Star yells."What's your weapon motorcycle boy?"
"I don't have a weapon, because I am one," I tell him.

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