Read, Only If You Care

Chapter 1

I Guess Your Going To Read

by: Gymdogs
Ok, I'm tired of being put in the back. I'm ready to make a stand, and i'm not afraid to loose friends because of them. I'm not gonna try to convert any of you, unless you want me to. I have been praying, and praying about this for a long time. I'm ready to make a stand, and I'm ready to show who I really am.

Since i'm a Christian i'm always afraid that people will judge me for being a Christian, I'm scared that people will won't accepted me. But the truth is. The only person I need to except me is God. Hate me for this or not, but I want to change. Again, i'm not gonna try to convert you. But I just want to not be judged for being a Christian.

When I first came on Quibblo, I was acted like I wasn't a Christian so that I would be accepted. But I mean. God means so much to me. And I'm not giving him up for a website. So, if you all start to hate me for this. I will leave, and I'll be fine with it, cause I know God has a better plan then I do.

I'm rooted in Christ, not a silly website. I'm focused on God. Not a silly website. It's so hard for a Christian to fit in on a website, cause now a days it's all quiz websites and role play websites. It makes me want to cry, because I can never fit in. No one knows how hard it is for me to fit in somewhere. Because I'm afraid of telling people I'm a Christian cause I'm scared they'll leave. But now, I don't care about that.

My heart, mind, and soul have been change by Jesus. So now, I'm not gonna let this website change it back. Don't judge me for who I am. Because it won't matter to me.

You're alive for one reason. But almost all of man kind has forgotten. Don't comment and say. "The reason we are alive is to live" Well I don't believe that. The bible says were alive to praise him, and to preach to other people.

Praise him: Why? You might ask. Because he took the ultimate punishment, and he didn't deserve it. But he took it for us. The punishment for sin is death.

(Ok. I'm not going to change alot, I'm not going to try to convert you. I'm not gonna talk about God every second I'm on Quibblo. I just wanted to let people know It's hard for Christians to fit in)


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