About Me, I guess is what you could call this

Chapter 1

About Me

by: Gymdogs
Hai!! Miranda here! So this is my about me! I hope you enjoy reading! And hopefully you find out somethings you didn't know before! So I'm just gonna start writing. Enjoy!!!!

First, I'm gonna start with names you can call me!
1. Miranda
2. Randy
3. Lynn
4. Panda
5. Magic Jacks

So you can call me any of those names. So now I'll get started!

Uhm... Well I was born and still live in America. (Not putting which state) I love it here. But come on taxes are a bit to high! There are some offs from living in America. I mean. ObamaCare? REALLY??? Ok. Back on track! So. I love living here, but again a few offs.

Uhm... 1 thing. Is there anything specific you want to know?

I love the cold! And I love summer, but really? 106 degrees???? I mean WOW!! It hasn't been that hot since 1936 (literally, it hasn't) Yeah. Uhm... There are some things I worry about in life. Like crime. Man that scares the heck out of me. When ever we watch the news, and they talk about crime, I close my eyes and shut my ears. (don't call me a wimp). Anyways. Lets talk about my fears! I'll put an "X" next to what has happened.

1. Losing my friends "X"
2. Losing my best friend "X"
3. Tornado (almost hit are house)
4. Dad losses his job (might happen soon :( )

I have other fears, but those are the biggest. So when I was younger we put are house up for sale. I was so sad. I didn't want to move. I wanted to stay where we were. But we never sold it. So we took it off the market. After that life we good! My mom keeps making jokes about moving to Disney, and i'm like "NOOO" So life was pretty good, back in those days. And it got better. My gymnastics couch offered me a spot on team. I quickly said yes, and I started practicing with the team. It did kick my butt. But it was so much fun! But then, came the first competition. I was so nervous. Butterflies in my stomach, so tired. I was up at 5 in the morning. (One back thing about competing. The competitions always start at 8, and there like and hour away from my house) First event. Sweating like crazy. my bun was falling out. and I got a 7. WHAT?!?!?! A 7? I thought. I was so made. But I got all the medals! So competing was AWESOME!! I loved it! But then two years later, the big decision came up. I had to decided if I wanted to say on team of go to the regular classes. Well... I thought I wasn't going to get moved up to level 4, so I quit, and I thought the level fours practiced on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Which would have gotten in the way of everything I already do. So I quit team, and went to the classes, but then like 3 weeks like. My friend from team walked up to me and said. "We all got moved up" 'WHAT? WHAT? QUITTING WAS JUST A WAIST' I was devastated. I wished I didn't quit.


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