Double Life, Single Truth.....(A One Direction Group Story)

This is a group story by me and BrittaniaLove
Hope you like it

Chapter 3


It has been a week since they tranformed us, we had to stay to learn the accent and the ways over there.
Hollyn, oh wait, Tori was better at picking it up then me. I guess is the sleepless night I have, thanks to nightmares.
"Okay, here you go, your two first class tickets, here's your notebooks with everything, incase you need to go and look, but don't le ANYBODY see them!,"said agent Wilson handed us our airline tickets and a HUGE notebook each,"Aso, two agents are going to come check on you every week."
"Okay...ummm..bye,"I said we got down from the car. He waved as if he was our dad.
"Okay, number nineteen, come one let's go find it,"said Tori in her british accent.
I simply nodded back, not wanting to speak in a voice that wasn't mine.
"Come one Mol-...I mean Aqua, we've got to stay on top,"she said still in that accent.
"I know,"I replied letting out a sigh,"Is just doesn't feel like me,"I replied, of course, with the accent.
"Oh be happy, after all, we are going back home,"she said with a smile. I smiled back, she's right! Who knows what may happen in England.
"I wonder how Lulu is doing,"she wondered out loud.
Lulu is the baby dag we got, a Pitbull. She's so adorable and playful, plus, she's all white with brown spot right on her back.
"She's fine, come on, let's get on the plane before it leaves us,"I said.

We finally arraived in London, and it is beautiful! The sights are amazing! Wow, they really couldn't of picked a better place for us.
"Okay, so, how are going to get home?,"I asked Tori.
"Easy, see that guy has a poster with our names,"she said pointing to dude that had the poster.
Oh yeah, the folder said that he was are driver for tonight. He's going to take us "home."
"Hello Williams, is nice to see you,"said my sister loving her new role play.
"Hello Ms. Tori, Ms. Aqua,"he said nodding.
"Hello,"I replied sweetly.
"Come on let's go home before it get too late,"he said.
We simply nodded, back home there was light, but here we have dark. This is going to take some time to get use to.

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