Double Life, Single Truth.....(A One Direction Group Story)

This is a group story by me and BrittaniaLove
Hope you like it

Chapter 2

Hollyn Marie Anderson

"Brown? Curls? Are you trying to make me look like a doll" I yelled at Agent Ramirez.
"I know this is hard for you to handle, but it's for the better. Would you rather get hunted down by the mafia and killed" She asked me. I glared at her and thought back to that night. I had tackled my father and he had stabbed my shoulder then slashed at my stomach. I shuddered but I had to do it. I couldn't let him hurt her anymore, abuse her. I blinked once and Agent Ramirez' came back into view.
"Fine. Do your worst" I muttered.
"Side bangs and pale grey contacts. Do you have any names you like" She asked me. I shrugged.
"This is your job. You know best" I smiled fakely.
"How do you feel about Tori Alyson" She asked. I shrugged again.
"Can I see Molly now" I asked, think about my quieter twin.
"One last thing, your age. We think you look younger than your twin so we've made you 17"
"We're identical, how the hell do I look younger" I paused. "Whatever, forget about it. I just want to hug Molly." She nodded.
"Good to see you have a soft side" She whispered lowly. I smirked, she had no idea. She just got on my bad side because of her job. "We'll be dying your hair and cutting it now. You'll need to dye it every six weeks. You'll have contacts to change monthly. We'll perm it too." I rolled my eyes and sat down in the stylist's chair to get ready for the change.
An hour and a half later I walked out of my makeover and see a red headed girl with layered hair sitting down. She turns to look for me and her green eyes are sad. I opened my arms despite the strange site I was looking at. She ran into my arms and I hugged her tightly.
"Molly, it's going to be alright. We'll get through this together. It could be worse. You look good" I complimented her. She pulled away and smiled wearily at me. I smiled back.
"It's Aqua Marie Smith now. I like the curls Hollyn or whatever your name is" She took a curl in between her fingers and tugged on it. It sprung back into place as soon as she let go.
"It's Tori Alyson Smith" I said. "You're name is like a color, mom's favorite." She smiled and nodded.
"That was the inspiration" She admitted. I smiled.
"My pleasant agent picked everything" I smiled at Ramirez. She scowled and I swear if she wasn't a professional she would have stuck out her tongue.
"Do you know where we are going" Aqua asked in a whisper. I shrugged and grabbed her hand as the two agents led us into yet another room. This was an open room where there were quite a few desks.
"Here are your new passports and documents" Agent Lopez slid two files across a desk towards us. Agent Wilson returned and came back with more documents.
"These are your housing documents. We've got you a fully furnished three bedroom, two and a half bath flat. Complete with a kitchen, large living room, a study and it's pet friendly if you want any animals. It's a nice place in London" She informed us. I looked at my sister hopefully.
"Since you got to keep your age you get to call the shots, but I will beg for a dog" I warned her. She smiled.
"What about school" She asked.
"And sports" I added.
"Well we've sent in your applications to numerous colleges in the area. Tori you graduated early and Aqua you held out a year to wait for your sister so you could go together" Wilson explained our situations. I squeezed my sisters hand in support. "As for sports you can try out for whatever you want at the college. It's summer though so you've got some time to settle in." I nodded.
"What about jobs" I asked.
"That's up to you" Ramirez said. I nodded again. Aqua sighed and closed her eyes but quickly opened them again. I knew she was attempting to avoid flashbacks.
"London, huh" I said. Everyone looked at me. "Bring on the tea and accents."

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