You Can't Do That

Sigh, yet another one of my drama filled stories I'm writing ._. it's a George Harrison not so love story so, hopefully you will.....

~Enjoy (:

Chapter 1

Coming Back From Hamburg

by: Roger_
It was late that Saturday night when Sadie and her friend drove to the train station to meet the incoming boys from Hamburg. It seemed like forever since Sadie has seen George, so she was really looking forward to the next couple of minutes. 

"I can't wait to see, George! I bet he'll be so happy to see me, too." Sadie told her friend, who was going out with George's friend, Paul. Then, out coming from the west where the full moon was shinning, a train came chugging along the tracks towards the train station. Sadie and her friend (Dolly) stood up and started fixing themselves to make sure they were looking perfect. After the train came to a complete stop, people started abandoning it. Paul and John were on of the last couple of people to come off of the train. Paul immediately dropped his bags and scooped Dolly off of her feet, giving her a big kiss on the lips while doing it. John came over and gave Sadie a friendly hug.

"Hi John," Sadie smiled. "Where's George at?" She then asked. 

"He should be coming off any second. But I'll catch up to ye later." John replied and ran off by Paul. Finally, George came off of the train slowly with black sunglasses on. Another boy came off behind him and started whispering something in George's ear, George smiled then took something from the boy then stuffed it in his pocket secretly. 

"George?" Sadie asked confusingly. George caught sight of her standing far away then waved his shaking hand.

"Hi, Sadie." He said melancholy, then started walking towards her. More like wobbling, though. He couldn't walk straight or keep his knees balanced, but he tried his best to played it off. 

George threw himself in Sadie's arms like a rag doll. "Why are you like this, George?" Sadie asked, trying to stand him up on his own, but he wouldn't budge. 

"Like what, Sadie? I'm like, George. Now gimme a kiss." George puckered up his lips like a duck and lifted up his head. Sadie was hesitant for the second, but then she puckered her lips too. George opened his eyes and stumbled back. "What're ye doing?!" George screamed. 

"I was giving ye a kiss like ye told me, George. What's wrong with you?" She whinned, picking George's bags up that he had dropped on the ground. John, the rest of the band, and their girlfriends started to stare now at George and Sadie. 

"What're looking at?!" George protested and snatched his bags away from Sadie's hands. Everyone then looked away, pretending to mind their own business except for Sadie, she knew something was wrong with George, he never acted out like this. She creeped over to George and took off his sunglasses, revealing his bloodshot red eyes and black bags. Then she noticed his whole body was shaking uncontrollably.

"George." She whispered firmly, making sure nobody was paying attention to them. "Stop it. What's wrong? Why are ye shaking like this?" 

George forcefully took his sunglasses back. "I'm just happy to be here." He laughed sarcastically, then hobbled over to the others. Sadie stood there staring at the ground, she knew something was really wrong with George now. He wasn't drunk, he wasn't this mean or strange when he was drunk, it was something else. Sadie had a few things running through her mind on what it could be, but she shook them out, it's no use to think negatively at a time like that, she kept telling herself. 

"Hey, Sadie!" Dolly called. "The gangs all going to Johns house, wanna come?" 

Sadie thought for awhile, she needed to get George alone a have a serious talk with him, and Johns place was not the spot to do it at. "N-no thanks. I'll just be gettin' home." She said sadly. 

"Aw come on, Sadie! Join the party!" The others all shouted at her. George came back over to her and grabbed her wrist.

"You're coming with us." He sneered through his teeth and dragged her along with the rest of the guys.

I need to know what's wrong, and I need to know now. Sadie thought to herself.


Since Johns Aunt Mimi was gone for the night, it was the perfect time to have a party which included the hardest liquor John had had in his house. The house was filled with the sounds records playing, girls laughing, a couple 'doing it' in the upstairs bedroom, and George's ranting. George went around the house complaining about any and everyone, not giving a care if the guys liked it or not. Meanwhile, Sadie was sitting on a chair in the corner of the living space, talking to Dolly and having a quick cigarette. 

"Do you see somethin' different 'bout George?" Sadie asked Dolly. 

Dolly looked over at George who was chugging down a huge bottle of liquor in the kitchen. "Maybe he's just drunk, Sadie. People get that way, ya' know." She took a sip of her alcohol. 

Sadie examined him. "But he doesn't get this way when he's drunk. I mean, he's shakin' and his mood is changin too much." She paused for a minute then searched the crowd and found the same boy who came off the train behind George and gave him something, he was walking towards George. "Dolly you see that boy?" She pointed to him. "He got off the train behind George today."

Dolly laughed and shrugged her shoulders. "Yeah, so?" 

"Yeah, so he gave him something! I don't know what it was, though. He whispered something in Georges ear and he smiled. I'm getting suspicious about him, Doll." The boy caught up with George and started whispering something in his ear again. George perked up and mouthed 'you got any more?'. Then he slipped him something else, this time Sadie could see what it was. It was a small tube bottle with little pills in it. 

"Ye don't think it's..ya' know?" Dolly asked. 

Sadie shook her head in disbelief about what she was seeing and thinking. George would never do drugs, he was better than that! "I hope not, Doll." Sadie begged. 

Just then, a car door slammed shut outside. Everyone in the house got quiet, all except George of course. He hit the boy he was talking to in the chest then took more tubes out of his jacket pocket. "What're ye doing, man?" The boy yelled. John quieted them down then looked out the window. 

"Sh i t! It's me Mimi." John started panicking and so did everyone else. The couple from upstairs, Sadie, Dolly, and everyone else all grabbed their cigarettes and beer bottles and exited out the back door before Mimi came through the front. But outside, they could all here Mimi yell when she came in the house. Everyone laughed at Johns misery and bolting to the park across the street. There, George was doing flips and running around through the trees.

"George, come 'ere now!" Sadie yelled at him, but he wouldnt listen. She grew tired of and grabbed George by his arm as he ran past her. He immediately reacted by swatting Sadie across her face quickly. Everyone stared at both of them in awe. 

"WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?" Sadie screamed at the top her lungs, causing everyone else including her to jump. George stood his ground and fiercely scowled down at Sadie who was red in the face, his slap had made a mark. 

Sadie tried to run away from the park, but she stumbled back into Dolly's arms. "It's okay, girl. I'm here fer ya'" She whispered to Sadie to calm her down. Paul went up to George and put a hand on his shoulder, he smacked his hand away too. 

"I think it's time for ya' to go home, George. It's getting to out of hand fer ya'" Paul pushed George back in his chest and George spat towards him. Slowly he walked away from the park and everyone else. Sadie still laid in Dolly's arms, crying and wondering why.

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