Avenging you ( The Avengers love story)


Chapter 1

The Characters

Name: Cathrine "Cat" Richards-Storm Age:23
Looks: Light blonde hair when normal. Red hair for mad, Blue hair for relaxed, Pink hair for love, Green hair for happy, Purple hair for lust; Dark green eyes, pale skinned.
Personality: Loyal, hyper, fun to be around.
Likes: Puppies, comadies, playing pranks
Dislikes: flying, heights, Fury (JK :D)
Power: Shape-shifter,read minds, control minds, teleport.
Super Hero Name: She-Morph.
Background info: She is half-alien, half-human. She comes from the planet Frain, twin planet to Gallifrey. Her mother was the queen of the Jainces. Her mom didnt want to raise a half-human child so sent her to Earth to live along with the humans. She was adopted by Reed Richards and Susan Storm when she was 17. She now works with the Fantastic Four.
Love Interest: Bruce Banner aka Hulk.

Name: Parker Rogers (human name)
Age: 22(Human age, is really 122)
Looks: http://shoppinginsuffolk.blogspot.com/2009/08/cheryl-coles-got-new-hair-then.html Has fangs and slitted pupils. her nails can retract like claws. pointed ears
Personality: very dark, dry humor, loyal, sly, clever, very serious. observant and straight lace. Trying to change from a cold blooded killer to somewhat normal. Likes: killing, blood, shadows, being alone
Dislikes: feeding on humans, showing her emotions
Power: super strength, manipulates dreams, can make anyone fall asleep by touching them, can blend with the shadows. very flexible and fast
Super Hero Name: Nightmare
Background info: she doesn't remember how she got to earth but she knows that her people were the equivalent of vampires. She hates human blood but it's addictive. She was approached by Fury after she killed a couple humans.
Love interest: Captain America

Name: Aditi Patil
Age: 21
Looks: Nearly black hair, tan, very fit body, big brown eyes
Personality: Outgoing, hilarious, very protective of those she's close to
Likes: all animals, thrills of adventure
Dislikes: heights and clowns xD
Power: Super-speed. Fastest woman on earth, able to run at the rate of 100 mps if necessary
Super Hero Name: Slick
Background info: When she was seven, she fell into a pit of unidentifiable liquid and developed super speed. She became an outcast and her past troubles her. Sometimes she draws blanks because she dwells on it too much.
Love Intrest: Tony Stark

Name:Allie Baker
Looks: Fire red hair. Bright blue eyes. Tall, skinny, and pale
Personality: Fisty, bubbly, hot-headed.
Like: Flying, playing with fire,jokes
Dislikes: Fakers, haters,
Power: Controls fire and water. Hardly ever gets hurt.
SuperHero Name: Flame
Background info: She was born with this power. Her parents homeschooled her then when she was 18, Fury asked her to come work for S.H.I.E.L.D.
Love intrest: Thor.

Thats it! All my characters. The first chapter will be up soon!

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