One Direction-Back To The Future

Zayn goes to the future on accident and ends up a a spider man version of zayne and is attacked.The future and normal time Liam jumps to the rescue and they end up going all the past time when the werewolf discovery and other monster discovery's were made.which causes the future liam to die and the normal time nial to fall into their adventure.

Chapter 1

To The Future

I look at the middle school packed with fans.
The school is so loud.
I walk closer.
A dark shadow fills the basement.
I know this is a cause of scardom and run.
A laugh fills the basement.
I open the doors.
Fans scream "Zayn!"
A boy runs,hands me a knife,and runs back.
I look at what must be the most powerful knife in the world.
I walk to the basement like,4 minutes before the concert.
"Hi,Zayn!",Laughs a voice.
I step into the light.
A girl runs to me.
"Help!",She says.
A old aceint looking princess stands in front of me.
You two must go to the future and past to retreive a sword inside a famous volcano",She says.
She shows us a time machine.
I stab her hand with the knife.
"NOW!",She booms.
She takes out a saber.
I grip my knife.
It transforms into a sword.
"Good luck!",She says to me and abby,the girl.
"What?",We both say.
She pushes us into the portal on the time machine.
I look at myself.
Im a spiderman with a Z placed on it.
Abby is the same.
A monsterous black thing from the movie stands in front of us.
It's hand picks me up,and I fall into it's grasp.

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