This is an original story, and by that I mean it's not a fanfic and the plot is my own idea.
Except the first chapter. This one's based off of an amazing story I read a while ago. Loosely, though.

Chapter 3


Shay's POV

Beep, beep
Everything beeps. The microwave. The stove. My phone. My alarm clock. EVERYTHING! Why? Aren't there any other noises things can make. I spent three hours reprogramming my phone so it wouldn't beep, or make any noise that even romotely sounded like the life support equipment, and what does it do? Beep.

I've hated beeps since the day I woke up. A beep signaled another second stuck in the ICU, another second I couldn't move. But, bit by bit, I woke up. Then, it was the seconds El was missing. The seconds she would have spent running, like she always loved to. Like she is now.

"SHAY! Wake up!" a voice floats up from downstairs.
"Coming, mom!" jeez. Can't even sleep in a second around here. But at least I can sleep.
I grab some clothes, change, and run downstairs.
"You ok, Honey?" What does she think. El died less then twenty-four hours ago. Of course not.
"Yeah. I'm fine."
"You look kinda depressed." Well, duh.
"I'm fine. Just leave me alone."
"You don't sound fine."
"Just. Leave. Me. Alone."
"Okaaay..." Why doesn't she seem sad about El? Why did she let them kill her? She was still there. She would have woke up. Am I the only one that thought that way? Of course, I am the only one who'd been in a coma. I knew how I could hear, just couldn't respond. It was horrible, being stuck there with the beeps for over a year. I can't imagine being trapped like that for six years.
I turn around and punch straight through the microwave window.
Oh, god. I'm dead.

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