This is an original story, and by that I mean it's not a fanfic and the plot is my own idea.
Except the first chapter. This one's based off of an amazing story I read a while ago. Loosely, though.

Chapter 2


Shay's POV

What's a twin without a twin? Nothing. What am I? A twin withou a twin. Therefore, I am nothing.

El was everything to me. I've never had many friends, and at times it seemed like she was my only friend. She was so nice, so fast, so full of life. Why her? She was so much better than me. And if she hadn't jumped in front of me, it would have been me. I remember the coma, waking up about a month after my ninth birthday. I could hear everything. I could think. I could understand. And I know she could, too.

At night I wonder what it would be like if she woke up, too. We were identical. We could have worn the same clothes on twin day. She could have been on the track team. I'm the fastest, but she was faster. If she joined Kyla, Annabeth, Leah, and I's band and done vocals with me. If she was at school. Our first grade teacher made us wear name tags because she couldn't tell us apart. I would kill myself if it would bring her back. She deserved a life.

A/N: Sorry it's so short. I just had to get past this chapter.

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