This is an original story, and by that I mean it's not a fanfic and the plot is my own idea.
Except the first chapter. This one's based off of an amazing story I read a while ago. Loosely, though.

Chapter 1

Beep beep beep

Ellizibeth's POV

Beep, beep, beep. I hear it all the time. When my parents come in, when I wake up, when I go to sleep. Sometimes it seems like half my life has been like this, unable to see, unable to move, with the beeps for company. The last thing I saw were headlights, moving way too fast, as I crossed the street. It was my 8th birthday. I woke up what seemed like seconds later, but might have been months. Im not sure how awake I am, though. I can hear my parents, my friends, the doctors, but I cannot speak. I can't even open my eyes.

I hear the door open. "Elli!", Kyla says, "It's Kyla, your best friend! You'll never believe what happened at school today! Shay broke her arm! Anna pushed her off the roof!"
The roof?, I think, what the heck were those idiots doing on the roof?
"She's fine, though. Only a slight fracture."
I remember the pain when I woke up. Shay is lucky.
"She's a lot different now then when we were eight. She's fourteen, of course."
Fourteen? My twin? Wow. She must have a life, a boyfriend, a job, while I'm stuck here.
"Your guys's birthday was last month, remember?"
First I heard of this.
"Kyla! You've had your five minutes!" a voice shouts. "Say goodbye. Make it count. " it adds, softer this time.
"I can't believe this is happening. Of course, you're in a coma. They say you'll never come out of it."
What's happening?
"Even though you can't hear a word I say, I feel like you understand me more then anyone else."
What is she talking about?
"Goodbye, Elli. You'll be with the angels. You'll be able to see again. To hear again. To run again. To sing again."
What's going on? Why is everyone who visits do sad?
"You'll always be a part of me."
Same with you, Kay.
And with that she's gone.
After a few minutes, someone else comes.
"El, it's me. Shay. I really don't know what to say right now. Without you, nothing will be the same. You're my twin. You're half of me. When I walk to school, I'm always thinking about what it would be like if you were there. If we wore the same clothes on twin day. If you were on the track team with me. You were always so fast. You will run again. You will see again. And, one day, we'll be able to talk again. Like we used to. "
Beep, beep, beep
"Shay!" the voice says.
And she's gone.
I feel a needle prick my arm.
"You'll be free, Ellizibeth." the voice says.
Beep, beep, beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep
And I fade into darkness with the beep.

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