I'm Broken. Do you hear me? 1D Group Story

Me and Someone_Like_You :D

Chapter 6


"So, how old is Arabella?,"asked Liam.
"She's three,"I replied as we watched Arabella run infront of us.
"Mommy , I want to go to the park,"said Arabella.
"It's getting late sweetie,"I started to say,but she cut me off.
"Please,"she said doing her famous puppy face.
"Now that's not fair,"I replied with a smirk,"Who can say no to that face?"
"Yay!,"she exclaimed already knowing the answer.
"She has you wrap around her little finger,"said Liam with a chuckle.
"Why is Arabella so happy about?,"asked Charlie.
"I'm taking her to the park,"I said letting out a sigh.
"Puppy face?,"she asked and I nodded,"I guessed."
"Would you guys like to come?,"I asked turning to the boys.
"Uh..sure,"said Liam as the rest nodded.
"Okay, Arabella give your hand,"I said as we were about to cross the road.

"So, Arabella your mommy tells me you're three,"said Liam as we pushed her in the swing.
"Yes!,"she exclaimed right back giggling.
"Do you like to sing?,"he ased her.
"Oh, she loves to sing,"I replied for her.
"Really?,"Liam asked.
"Yes...my favorite song it One Thing,"she replied smiling big.
"Would that happen to be the One Thing we sing?,"Liam asked as he pointed to himself and then back were the rest of the guys were.
I looked over his shoulder to see Harry and Niall in the slide having the time of their lifes, Zayn was filming it, and Charlie and Louis were laughing.
"Yes,"she replied blushing a bit.
"Oh, so they're the guys you and Charlie are always talking about,"I said, finally knowing who the famous boys were. Arabella nodded.
"You talk about us?,"asked Liam.
"Well, she's always talking about Niall,"I replied.
"Oh, what about me,"he asked.
"You're my second favorite,"she whispered, probably didn't want the rest to hear.
"And how can I become you're first favorite?,"he asked her.
"Mmmh?.......sing a song,"she said.
"Then I'll be your favorite?,"he asked.
"Mmmh?...maybe,"she said with one of her sweet smile.
"I think is worth a shot,"he replied with a slight smile.
Liam started singing and soon the boys came and sang with him, making Arabella get the biggest smile.
"Yay!,"Arabella said clapping when they finished.
"That was really good guys,"I told them as I carried Arabella.
"It looks like it's going to rain,"said Charlie looking up. As soon as she said heavy rain started to come down.
"Oh,"we all said and started running towards cover.
"Let me help you with Arabella,"said Liam half way there.
I handed her to him and when I did he grabbed my hand and we started running again.
We all got went into a store that was full of people already. When we entered all eyes were on us, teen girls looked like they were about to scream.
"Wow, is this the reaction you always get?,"I asked as some started to scream.
"Um...yes,"said Liam.
I looked at Arabella, who looked scared. I was about to get her, when I notice that Liam was still holding my hand.

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