I'm Broken. Do you hear me? 1D Group Story

Me and Someone_Like_You :D

Chapter 3

Charlotte Rosalynn Stead

by: Dance
"Char! Char!" Arabella called to me, at the mall. Layla was right behind her, giggling at Arabella. I had just been getting a mocha cookie crumble frappucino at Starbucks, while we were at the downtown mall.
"Hey, Princess!" I greeted her. I picked her up and held her on my hip, as she played with the keys on my necklace.
"Mommy, where we going now?" Arabella asked.
"I think Charlie needs some new shoes," my sister said. I nodded and put Arabella down and she walked between Layla and I to the shoe store.
"Princess, do you want to help me pick out my new TOMS?" I asked Arabella. She smiled brightly and nodded. We walked into the shoe store, and I began looking at all the TOMS.
"Charlie, I'm going to the store over!" Layla called.
"Okie dokie!"
"I'm going with Mommy," Arabella told me. I nodded and she ran off to follow Layla.
After I had picked some glittering purple TOMS, I bought them and walked over to meet my sister in the store.
"Hey," I greeted. She looked up to say something and her face went blank.
"Where's Arabella?" She breathed.
"I thought she was with you..." I trailed off, scared for my neice.
"My daughter is lost in a mall?!" My sister screeeched. My heart was racing, my palms sweaty.
"We'll find her, Layla. She's probably in the candy store," I gestured to the small shop filled with candy across the way. We both raced to the shop, our eyes skimming every surface for the young girl.
"ARABELLA!" Layla called, racing forward. I followed her, and saw Liam Payne of One Direction holding Arabella. When Layla reached them, he immediately handed Arabella to Layla. Layla hugged her daughter tightly to her chest, kissing her cheek repeatedly.
"Thank you so much!" I gushed to Liam, and the four boys behind him.
"No problem. We saw her running around and figured she shouldn't be alone," Niall said. Layla was still hugging Arabella.
"Arabella is, my sister, Layla's daughter. She..uh..ran off while I was buying TOMS," I told them.
"TOMS?" Louis asks, his eyes wide. I laughed once.
"Yeah, I love them," I told him. He grinned brightly and my heart fluttered like a butterfly trapped in my chest.
"I'm Charlotte, but you can call me Charlie or Char," I introduced myself.
"Louis," he greeted.
"Really, thank you so much," Layla said again to the boys. They all smiled.
"Well, she's a sweetheart," Liam said, nicely.
"Arabella, please don't ever go anywhere by yourself again," Layla begged her daughter, tears streaking her face.
"I'm sorry, Mommy," Arabella whispered and hugged her mom.
"Boys, would you like to join us for dinner this evening, at our house? As a thank-you?" Layla suggested.
"Yes!" Niall exclaimed. We all laughed and I gave Louis our address and my cell phone number. After exchanging good-byes, Arabella, Layla, and I went home to get ready for dinner.

Charlie's dinner outfit: http://www.polyvore.com/charlie/set?id=52075344

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