I'm Broken. Do you hear me? 1D Group Story

Me and Someone_Like_You :D

Chapter 2

Layla Marie Stead

My alarm clock went off, a random song blasted through the speakers. It was six a.m, I always have to wake up early for Arabella, my baby girl. She will be awake at any moment now.
I got up to wash my face and teeth. Millions of thoughts running through my head, then he poped up. Joseph, Arabella's dad.
Our last conversation started to play through my head, it was about how he couldn't wait for our baby girl to be born, only one month left, not knowing that it would be his last day. He left never to return, died in a horrible car accident.
"Mommy!,"exclaimed Arabella skipping into the room. I quickly recovered myself.
"Hey baby, who's ready to wash their teeth?,"I asked.
"Me,"she replied as I got out her stool and put it infront of the sink.
She already know wha to do, she started to hum a melody of a song I've never heard, might of heard it from Charlie.
"Done,"she said as she pu her toothbrush away, once she got down from her stool I put it away.
"What do you say if we go wake up Charlie?,"I asked already knowing the question.
"I wanna wake Char up!,"she exclaimed running off, I had fast walk to keep up with her.
When I get there she was already jumping on the bed, trying to wake her godmother up.
"Lay, go away!,"exclaimed Charlie through the covers.
"Is not me silly,"I replied from the doorway.
"Is me!,"said Arabella smiling big.
Charlie got up in an a second, once Arabella spoke. Charlie is very fond of Arabella, treats her like her own daughter. Of course she does, we raised her up together! I remember her waiting for me, when my parents kicked me out, with arms open.
"Ah, is the little princess,"she replied getting out of bed and carrying her.
"I thought she was the little demon princess,"I said walking away.
"That was yesterday,"she replied following.,"So, wha are the plans for today?"
"Well, right after we eat breakfast I was thinking about going to the down town Mall,"I told her getting some eggs out of the fridge.
"Great, I need new shoes,"she simply replied as she set Arabella down and went to get the beacon.
Arabella loves to watch us cook, she says that she wants to help, so we give her easy jobs. Like bringing us the bread, or taking care of the juice or milk.
"Okay, a day at the Mall it is,"I replied getting out the pan.

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