Ana's Black Plague

Hey, I got this idea partly from 50 Shades of Grey.
I've only read parts of it but i've read enough to know you should never read it O.o
It was a very awkward moment for me in the library.
Anyway, rate, comment, and all the jolly good stuff that makes me feel like an elf high on cocoa :D

Chapter 1

The Hallways Of Levington High.


In the hallways of Levington High, I see a girl there, everyday, at her locker.
Getting her books, grabbing her binder and backpack. I see her walking towards the cafeteria to meet her friends, to the bathroom, to class.
But I had never seen her in the library. Maybe because I had never been in the school library, but I was still surprised to see her.
I had never had a real conversation with her, but I kept an eye on her.
All the guys did. She was hot. But nobody ever confronted her or asked her out. At leas not the popular guys. The nerds always asked her out.
She got asked by those freaks everyday. But the popular's didn't want to ask her out because to most of the school, she was a freak.
Not in personality I'm sure, but the people she hung out with.
She always wore up-to-date clothes like everybody else, and looked pretty damned fine, but her friends were weird. They did weird stuff and acted weird.
Just not normal like the rest of us.
I wasn't popular myself, but I liked my reputation the way it was, and I wasn't sure if I wanted it ruined just by asking her out.
She was sitting at the very last table in the right corner of the room, I picked a seat three tables away from her, but facing her.
She was reading a really old and big book, and working on what looked like her homework, repeatedly looking at the book and writing things down.
Damn, I thought. She is fine.
She was wearing jeans that were ripped so you could see her thighs and what not, with a black v-neck, and a black over-sized jacket that had The Red Airplanes on the side of it in big red letters, original converse, and she was chewing gum.
She had long dark brown hair that went a little ways below her perky bbboooobbbssss and was slightly curled, and blue eyes that were amazing to look at. She had a model-like figure and had to be the hottest girl in the school next to Kristina Pliar, a cheerleader who practically sssttrriippsss in public.
But that was whorehot, she was just hot.
She caught me staring at her, and when I held her eyes I winked at her, making her roll her eyes and get up, gathering her stuff.


I was working on my History homework and when I got the feeling of somebody watching me.
I looked up and Christian Garrington was staring at me, and he winked.
I rolled my eyes and gathered up my stuff, not wanting another 'hit-on' at the library.
Gross. I thought, Why would he be interested in me?
I picked up my papers and stuffed them inside my bag, grabbing my World War II book to check it out, and walked away.
Mrs. Herty, the librarian, checked out my book for me with a surprisingly enthusiastic smile, but frowned when she looked behind me.
I turned a little sideways and spotted Christian again behind me, holding a book this time.
Christian had earned the title of 'bad-boy' at school when he got a senior pregnant when he was a freshman, bringing a knife to school a couple days after that, getting arrested for vandalizing and stealing, and 'accidentally' setting homeroom on fire.
And he also came with such an attitude, if it was a class, he'd get an A in every assignment.
I put my disgusted face on, and grabbed the book from Mrs. Herty, and left the library.
"Have a nice day!" Mrs. Herty yelled after me.
I turned around putting two fingers in the air and slightly waving, "You too!"
I opened the doors to the library and began the walk home.
Waiting at the crosswalk, I spotted a bunch of football players in letterman jackets, they honked and whistled at me, making me feel more than uncomfortable.
Pigs. I thought. I don't want that in a guy. That's why I never dated. All they do is see me, honk, or when they don't have a car, either try to grab my a*, or whistle at me, winking.
Why doesn't anybody ever just go up to a girl and start a nice conversation? Or write her a twenty page long soppy love letter? Or give her a rose, and just be decent? What happened to those guys?
Technology, I swear that's it.
I sighed and ignored them, flipping them off when they honked at me again.

Damn, Shes got a nice a
* too.
I grabbed my biology book from Mrs. Herty and followed Ana out of the library, curios to see where she was going.
I saw some jockies honking at her and whistling. That I could understand, but I immediately thought the guys were jerks when they honked at her when she was right in front of their car, telling her they got something she could suck.
She walked into a 7/11, and I, determined to make sure she didn't get rrraappeedd behind the counter or in a storage closet, followed her.


Why the hell does he keep following me?
I decided to walk into 7/11, where my friend Randy worked.
"Hey Randy." I said, shutting the door behind me.
Randall looked up and smiled, "Hey Ana, what can I get for you today?"
Randall had short light brown hair, and dark brown eyes, wearing a white tee under his yellow 7/11 vest. I went here almost everyday to buy diet Pepsi and Skittles, my favorite.
I quickly walked up to the counter and handed him a five dollar bill. Grabbing skittles and soda.
"I'm going to use the back today, okay? That guy Christian from school keeps following me."
He cashed in the money and gave me my receipt, "Not surprised, but careful not to trip over the mop supplies again. You do that every time you use the restroom." Randall could not stress that enough every time I came here.
"It is not my fault. That stupid bucket always moves in front of me at the last minute."
I quickly walked to the back, and, sure enough, I tripped over the bucket again.
"God dammit Randall!" I practically shouted. "Why don't you just freaking put it in the storage closet for Christ's sake!"
I opened the door, fuming after I heard him laugh, and stumbled out of their, hoping Christian didn't hear me.

An hour later, I was at home, bandaging the cut on my ankle I got from tripping over that ridiculous bucket.
"What happened?" My mom was coming down the stairs, with a basket full of laundry, "The mop bucket again?"
I sighed, "It always is."
I hopped up off the couch and grabbed my bag, "Katie and I are going to the Fall Carnival tonight."
Her mouth opened in protest but I cut her off, "And you cannot tell me that I can't because we already agreed that I could go with no repercussion's."
My mom was always making me help her out at the veterinary hospital she worked at so I could get good payment for college.
She sighed, her strawberry blond hair falling over her shoulders.
She sighed heavily, running a hand through her long hair and closing her brown eyes. I looked nothing like my mother, but people still sometimes mistaked us as sisters "Alright, I guess it'd only be fair."
I nodded and was halfway up the steps when she called my name, "Ana, wait, come here a moment."
I set my stuff down on the stairs and sighed, walking down. She was grabbing something out of her purse and pulled her wallet out, I was next to her when I said, suspiciously, "What are you doing?"
She pulled out a roll of fives, trying to give it to me. I stepped back holding my hands away from her. "No no no no no, you are not giving me that. Money's too tight around here."
"Baby, just take it, you earned it." She held it out to me again.
"Earned what? I didn't earn anything. I don't want to wast what little money we have on souvenier's I can get next winter."
She grabbed my hand, and gave me the roll of five's. "Just, take it."
I sighed, giving up. She was probably just gonna stuff it in my purse later anyway. "Alright. But I will pay you back."
She went back to folding the clothes, waving me off, "Yeah yeah."
I shook my head and ran up the stairs, grabbing my stuff.
I walked into my room and threw all of my stuff on my bed, not bothering to lay down.
Katie was going to be here in twenty minutes, and she can get pretty pissed off when I don't look my best to go check the mail.
I stripped out of my jacket and shirt so I was just in my pants and bra.
I walked over to my dresser and pulled out a black beater that was cut in half, so you could see about an inch pass my belly button, showing my belly piercing.
Me and Katie got them when we were thirteen, our mother's didn't care, so we though, 'why not'?
I also had my ears and nose pierced, both rocking little white diamonds.
I slipped on the beater, and put on a light gray hoodie, so my mother couldn't see.
My mother didn't mind if I dressed like that inside the Dog House. But outside, not so much.
You see, me and Katie had a terrible secret that no one was supposed to know. Our fathers are both in the dope business, and to get the clients to buy, they had to have a little show. We didn't strip for them, or dance. We had a little simpathy from out father's, so we weren't one of those girls, but he did have them.
All we did was look pretty, stand around, and wait for them to stuff money down our pants or shirts. We didn't respond to it, we just stood their, and let them look. Waiting everyday to be released from that horrible place. The Dog House, that's what they called it.
Both our parents were divorced, but managed to get us the same days in custody, so we could be 'useful' to them. They didn't care for us, not even our own mothers, but the only reason we did it was for the money. Without the money, we'd be living in the streets, searching for food.
So we cooperated and did what they asked, we were still virgins, but it still felt like we were selling ourselves just to let them touch us.
I sighed, shaking off the thoughts of my father.
I walked into the bathroom and began to put make-up on. I swiped on mascara, powder, and red lip-stain, lightly, so it wouldn't be too much. I swiped on some gloss after that to make it look shiny.
Katie always said the red went good with my hair. I had long brown hair that was slightly curled and went a little ways past my bboobbss, and blue eyes that were light but dark at the same time, with a hint of brown in them. I was average height for my age and skinny. I knew I was pretty judging from the all the stares I got in the hallway at school and the perverts who honked at me, but I usually didn't care.
I shrugged, sticking my tongue out at myself in the mirror.
'/Yeah,/ I thought, Real sexy.
I left the bathroom and turned on the radio. I walked over to my dresser and changed out of my pants, replacing them with dark blue jeans.
I know right, wearing a 'cut in half beater' with dark jeans is a little too much for a carnival right? well, we weren't going to the carnival.
We were going to a club that was for all ages, but held mostly teens, and we were going to go see a new band play.
A friend from school, Frankie, had already been and said it was great. So me and Katie had decided to go tonight.
He said all the girls were dressed somethng like this too, no t-shirts and mom jeans. But slinky and short dresses, heals, and shirts cut in half.
I decided to go with my converse tonight, heels would be pushing the sskkaannkk monitor a little too high.
I heard Katie honk outside and, grabbing my wallet and purse, ran out my bedroom door.

P.S Sorry its so bad :/ It'll be better next time, promise.

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