What would've happened if Jayfeather took a mate...

What would've happened if Jayfeather took a mate...

Jayfeather has the power to read minds and walk in dreams. But something keeps sending him back in time, before and shortly after he earned his medincine cat name. Soon, after the battle with Dark forest, he takes a turn, and only fate can tell what will happen...
NOTE: Some thoughts are bolded, some in italic.

Chapter 3

Lilykit's Herbs

by: ivy020
Lilykit woke up. She yawned, then sat up. She licked her mouth. Nothing tasting nasty. Surely nobody will miss me she thought. Her gaze landed on the medincine cat's den. "I'm going to hide all the herbs so I won't have to eat anything nasty. I'll be a hero." She quickly picked up a mouthful of herbs then hid them in a crack in the wall. She spat at the tansy, but reluctlanly she pciked it up. Then she spotted some honey. "They didn't want me to have it so they hid it!" She coughed then remembered the herbs they gave her. Tansy, feverfew.... Try as she might she couldn't remember the third one. She took a stick left around and ground up the feverfew and then she began chewing it into a poultice like she'd seen Leafpool do. She picked up the honey comb, poured some honey on the poultice. Then she heard pawsteps. Oh, no! I'd better get out! She scrambled out. "Hi! Bye!", she called to Leafpool and Jayfeather. "Not like her," Jayfeather commented. Then they saw the medicine den. "Where are the herbs!?" exclaimed Jayfeather in suprise. Every hair on his pelt bristled. If I find the cat who did this... "Hey, look, honeycomb and a poultice!" mewed Leafpool. She went over to examine. "Feverfew and tansy" she confirmed. "I wonder how we have some honey and forgot about it" "Iwonder who took the herbs?" She paused. "Anyway, we can give this to Lilykit. Bring her over."
Lilykit's eyes were big when Brightheart told her to go the medincine cat's den. But she went anyway. "Lilykit, lick this poultice u--" Jayfeather saw the look in Lilykit's eyes. "Why are you staring at me like that? You're not in trouble." On that word, Lilykit's tail quivered. "Oh, fine! I made that!" she mewed. Jayfeather's whisker's twitched. "Oh, really? So I suppose you hid the herbs. I won't tell Brightheart or Sorreltail if you find the herbs you hid and sort them out. Now eat that." He waved his tail at the poultice. "Oh, yes, Jayfeather!" meowed Lilykit, nodding.

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