What would've happened if Jayfeather took a mate...

What would've happened if Jayfeather took a mate...

Jayfeather has the power to read minds and walk in dreams. But something keeps sending him back in time, before and shortly after he earned his medincine cat name. Soon, after the battle with Dark forest, he takes a turn, and only fate can tell what will happen...
NOTE: Some thoughts are bolded, some in italic.

Chapter 2

Back in Time

by: ivy020
Jayfeather jumped. He heard someone behind him. Oh, I should be more careful! He finished up his squirrel and curled up in his nest.
"Wha?" Where am I? Jayfeather saw the mountains and knew he must be back with the Tribe of rushing water. Halfmoon....The thought wrenched his heart. He turned his head, realizing.... "I can see!" "Of course you can, silly." He turned around, shocked to find...Halfmoon! "Half Moon...I mean Stone Teller..." he stammered. Halfmoon licked her chest fur in embarrestment. "Oh, I stepped down and Furled Bracken is now Stoneteller," she meowed. "I really wanted to have a mate, the action...even more than I want to help heal my friends. Hope you don't think that's unloyal or something" she added. "No, of course not" Jayfeather replied. "So, who's your mate?" he added, regretfully thinking he should have seized the first chance he had instead of being loyal. No, they needed me! What am I thinking? "Oh, I don't have one. I could only think of you, Jay's Wing and your back! Dove's Wing will be so happy! She's beggining to think she has lost everyone who she had ever loved: her mother, and then you!"
Jayfeather nodded. He walked back to the camp with her. "Look! It's Jay's Wing!" she called out.

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