What would've happened if Jayfeather took a mate...

What would've happened if Jayfeather took a mate...

Jayfeather has the power to read minds and walk in dreams. But something keeps sending him back in time, before and shortly after he earned his medincine cat name. Soon, after the battle with Dark forest, he takes a turn, and only fate can tell what will happen...
NOTE: Some thoughts are bolded, some in italic.

Chapter 10

I'm sorry, Half Moon....Lilypaw?

by: ivy020
While Lilypaw hid herself among some rocks, Jayfeather sniffed the cave ground for prey. As Half Moon approached, he pounced on a mouse, narrowly missing it. "You're back" Half Moon's voice was cold and distant, like a cat from a different Clan congratulating an apprentice during times of tension. "Look, I'm sorry, Half Moon....Lilypaw?" As the apprentice padded out from her hiding spot, she widened her eyes. "Wow" she breathed. "You're so pretty!" Half Moon flicked her tail. If she was suprised, she didn't show it. She turned back to Jayfeather, mewing a quick thank you to Lilypaw. "Jayfeather? Who's this?" "Lilypaw! What did I tell you?" snapped Jayfeather. Half Moon looked from Jayfeather to Lilypaw. "Lily...paw?" Half Moon meowed softly, glancing at Lilypaw's feet. "You've had a kit--" "No!" Jayfeather meowed quickly. "You see, she just turned six moons and--" "You've had a kit for six moons! You had a mate and didn't tell me?" Half Moon's voice rose. When she glanced up, Jayfeather saw that her eyes were cold and distant, tinged with hurt and disbelief. "I wish I could be happy for you" Half Moon mewed softly. "I wish I really could. But you kept all these secrets from me." Turning to leave, she added, "I wish your family well. Your she-cat is lucky"

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