What would've happened if Jayfeather took a mate...

What would've happened if Jayfeather took a mate...

Jayfeather has the power to read minds and walk in dreams. But something keeps sending him back in time, before and shortly after he earned his medincine cat name. Soon, after the battle with Dark forest, he takes a turn, and only fate can tell what will happen...
NOTE: Some thoughts are bolded, some in italic.

Chapter 1

Chapter One: Leafpool

by: ivy020
Jayfeather yawned. The bright sun woke him up. Leafpool was still sleeping. Jayfeather shook his head and went to sleep again. Where am I? He looked around. No.....in the Ancients...no, Tribe of Endless Hunting! Or is that Rushing Water? A white she-cat with dark green eyes like pools walked towards him. "Jay's Wing...is that you?" she mewed. Jayfeather's heart began to beat faster. Then, in a heartbeat, he was in his own nest again next to Leafpool. She prodded him gently. "Wake up, now. We've go to sort herbs, and I need to check on Lilykit's cold," Jayfeather pushed himself up. "I can do that," he offered. "Thanks, Jayfeather." Jayfeather padded towards the nursery. He heard the cries of the kits even before he got there. "Eeee! Brightheart, Seedkit won't give me back the moss ball!" "Seedkit, why don't you share it with you sister?" Jayfeather paused at the entrance. "Oh, come in," said Brightheart. "Lilykit is doing just fine, but all night she's been coughing away." Brightheart drew a paw over her ear. "Didn't have to ask." Jayfeather nodded. "She's getting better, at least. I'll go get some borage; we're out of lavender. Maybe some feverfew, Kestrelflight gave us some. And tansy" "Thank you, Jayfeather", meowed Brightheart gratefully. "Let Leafpool do that." Jayfeather padded off. It's always Leafpool, Leafpool, Leafpool!, he thought. He told Leafpool the list. "Give Lilykit the ones that can be eaten. We've run out of honey and nectar, so she'll have to cope with what we've got." He laid out the Feverfew, a little bit of tansy, and borage. He brought it over to Lilykit and saw it was eaten, and then asked about her breathing. "Oh, well...." Brightheat looked doubtful. Leafpool padded over with a mouthful of coltsfoot. She began chewing it into a pulp. "Eat it" she ordered. Lilykit looked doubtful. "Is it going to taste nasty?" she asked. Cloudtail pads into the nursery, with a squirrel in his mouth. "Eat it, it's what all the warriors do!" he mumbled around the squirrel. Leafpool nodded gratefully and padded towards the medincine den. "Jayfeather, we really need some honey. Only, I don't want to risk injury. We have blackberry leaves, but not much. Just go find some." Leafpool obvisously wanted some time to herself. Jayfeather grunted. He rose and went to look for some shady places. Leafpool sighed and laid her head on her paws.

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