I love you but I am suppose to hate you

Chapter 1


name:Isabella (Bella) Nicole Malfoy
friends:Blythe,Brian,Draco,Cho,other Ravenclaws
enemies:suppose to be the Weasleys and Harry
love interest:George Weasley
looks:short 5'2 1/2, olive skin, dark brown hair with the ends blue,brown with hazel eyes
postives:smart,fun,athletic,funny,hardworking,always there for friends and Draco,every guy wants to be with her cause they think she is pretty
negatives:stubborn,sarcastic,she tends to brag to much about her skills in quidditch as a chaser,every guy wants to be with her cause they think she is pretty
wand:12 1/2 inch phoneix tail
quidditch:yes as chaser
motto:when life gives you lemons make something else and leave everyone else wondering how you did it
birthday:november 6th
likes:playing quidditch,hanging with friends and Draco
dislikes:being away from friends and not playing quidditch and getting bad grades
other:she is super close to Draco,she tends to stay away from the Weasleys and Harry so she won't get involved with them
year:same as Fred and George

Name: Blythe Rose Greene
House: Gryffindor (Almost Hufflepuff)
Blood: Half
Friends: your character, Fred, George, Lee, Hermione, Luna, Neville, Hannah, Seamus, Dean, Cho, Ginny, Oliver, plus others
Enemies: Marcus Flint
Love Interest: Fred Weasley
Looks: light brown wavy hair, bright aqua eyes, fair skin with a golden undertone, fit, 5'6
Postives: kind, funny, can be brave, modest, joyful, helpful, loyal, smart, hardworking
Negatives: stubborn, lacks common sense, doesn't show negative emotions, sarcastic
Wand: 12 3/4 inch Vine Phoenix Feather
Quidditch: just a commentator with Lee
Motto: Does life's curve-balls make you bitter or do they make you better?
Birthday: May 27th
Likes: hanging out with friends, innocent pranks, laughs, smiles, muggle things/sports, quidditch
Dislikes: negativity, unfairness, bullies, lies, drama
Abilites: Duelling, DADA, Charms, Apparation, Herbology
Other: her dad is a death eater (she doesn't tell a soul), mom was a muggle who ditched the family, has a twin brother in ravenclaw named Brian.
Year: 1 year above Harry

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