Love for the Avengers (Avengers FF)

Love for the Avengers (Avengers FF)

This is a group story with volleyballgirl527 and myself. The Avengers rock and cant wait for number 2!!!! Happy Reading!!

Chapter 1

Character info- Bell

Name- Antebellum 'Bell' Smith Age- 21 Looks- Long Blond hair. Grey eyes. Kinda pale. Skinny and tall Power: Can go anywhere in time and space.Flexabillty, super smart, SuperHero Name: Time Lady Personallity: She is a bit wild but good hearted and loves to help others. Background: She grew up in a little town in Ohio and after school she moved to New York City to work for Tony Stark. After Tony became the Iron Man is when Bell opened her powers. She went back to WW2 and saw the Super Soilder be made. Then she went back and tried to live a normal life, but she then started to save people. One day in Britan when someone called her the Time Lady after the hit show Doctor Who, the main character is a Time Lord and he travels in time and space.

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