Beauty Is Only Skin Deep(A Love Story)

Being the school's best known cheerleaders has many perks. Getting to date the hottest guy in school, Having tons of friends, Invitations to the best parties. Its a girl's dream come true. But what happens when Beckham High school's top cheerleader falls in love with someone at the bottom of the human food chain? how will people react? Can Beauty really love the Geek? Or is Beauty only skin deep?

Chapter 1

Meet Erin

(so i had this story posted out already but not many people were reading it sooo i decided to post it again but on this story format since this is a Story (: hope you enjoy!!)

"Erin, Darling!! Time to wake up!" i heard my mother's chime - like voice yell from down stairs.

i groaned, missing Summer vacation already.

"Erin?" my mom called, her voice now closer than before.

"im up." i said, with a yawn.

Today was not only the first day of school, but also my last year in High school. i'm 17 and proud of it. School has been nothing but torture and stress for me.

i stood up, my wooden floor seeming clod under my bare feet. i trotted over to my bathroom and took a shower. when i was done i went over to my closet and changed into my cheer-leading outfit.

Yes you have guessed it. i am a cheerleader. its been the only thing im good at ever since 9th grade.

depressing isnt it?

i straightened my short skirt and went over to my mirror to fix my hair. Pulling it up into a high pony tail, tied neatly with a bow.

i wonder why coach wanted me to wear my uniform on the first day..... i should asked her later.

All of the sudden, there was honking outside my window.

"Matt's here!" my mother said from the hallway.

"ok!" i said back, picking up my bag form the ground.

"bye mom" i said, as i passed her she was in her floral printed bathrobe. her hair was tied up in a knot on the top of her head.her gorgeous green eyes turned to me as i kissed her cheek quickly.

i always knew i took after my father. even though he has been gone for so many years. Blond hair, brown eyes,and freckles. nothing compared to my mother's features.

"bye sweetie. i'll see you later." she said, with a small wave.

i walked out of the front door of the one story house my mother and i live in. Suddenly my eyes caught sight the the firetruck red sports car parked in front of the side walk. The windows rolled down and Matt Stuck his head out of it, his dimples flashing as he smiled.

"you coming or what?" he asked, eying my legs.

i skipped over to the other side of his car. climbing into the passenger seat and leaning over to kiss his lips.

Matthew Thomas has been my boyfriend since the beginning of last year.We have been the school's cutest couple. Me the cheerleader and Him the star football player. The perfect match.

during the car ride to school, Matt to me all about the day he had with his little brother Junior."he acts like a fvcking 20 year old when he's supposed to be 12." he complained. i honestly liked his little brother.

so much wisdom in such a young person. heck, im almost 18 and i dont even have the knowledge he has. Matt tells me all the time what a pain his brother is. and believe me when i say this, his brother is not a pain if you compare him to my older sister Kelsey. now thats who i call a Bi*tch.

i have never gotten along with her. we are so different,in more ways than one. for one thing, she had Brown hair with piercing green eyes and flawless skin i would die for. i always wondered why she was blessed with my mother's looks and i was not.

Matt pulled up into the school's parking lot. parking his car in his regular spot.

i stepped out, slinging my bag over my shoulder.

"ERIN!!!!!" i heard a chipper voice yell. i turned to see who it was. suddenly i was tackled and a wave of curly red hair blew into my face.

"Hey Serena!!" i squealed back at my best friend.

Serena and i have been best friend's since the 6th grade. we share practically everything. basically she's the sister i never had.

"you ready for the prep rally today?" Serena asked, her emerald eyes shined.

"what prep rally?" i asked puzzled. why didnt any one tell me things like this?

"uuhhmmm the prep rally the Senior cheerleaders to welcome the freshmen. didnt coach tell you?" Serena said giving me a look.

i groaned loudly. "i didnt know she meant the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL!!" i whined. suddenly i heard laughter from behind me, strong arms snaked around my waist.

"whats wrong?" Matt cooed into my ear.

"i have a prep rally." i pouted at him.

he chuckled, "it could be fun," he said, leaning his forehead on mine. "besides, i'll be there too"

i reached up to cup his face in my hands. "i guess it wont be that bad." i said, with a smile of my own.he smiled back, leaning down to make our lips meet.

"AHEM!" Serena said irritated. "are you guys going to just stand her and make out or are we going to get our class schedules?" i rolled my eyes and her and pulled away from Matt, leaving my hand in his.

"take a chill pill, sweetie. we'r going." i said, pulling Matt towards the school's entrance. We entered the packed hallway, making our way towards the main office. "hello," the lady sitting behind the desk said when she saw us.

"are you here to pick up your schedules?" she asked, looking at us from above her spectacles. "yes we are; my name is Erin Van Der Wood." i told her as she looked through a stack of papers.

"Van Der wood...Ah here you are." she said with a kind smile. she handed me the paper and i took it. Then she turned to Matt.

"and you are?" she asked him, glancing down at our laced fingers. "Matthew Thomas" he said, flashing her a dimpled smile. i almost melted. his Blue eyes glanced over at me as the lady handed him his sheet.

Finally, she turned to Serena. "i am Serena Clarette" she said, examining her french manicured nails.

"here you go" the lady said, "thanks" Serena mumbled, turned on her heel, her short skirt lifting up ever so slightly as she strutted away.

Matt and i followed her out the door. Suddenly, i heard laughter from down the hall. i craned my neck to see what was going on. but all i saw was a group of guys crowding around something.

Matt let go of my hand. "i'll be back later" he said, kissing my cheek before jogging over to the crowd of guys.

Serena stayed behind with me. "what do you think their looking at?" i asked her.

she shrugged "Porn? isnt that what all boys do these days?" i laughed, shaking my head at her.

"do you think we should go over and check it out?" i asked her, but she shrugged again. i took that as a yes and dragged her over.

as we got closer the boys voices grew louder than ever.

"Hey charlie boy. we missed you on vacation" one guy said, i pushed through the crowd wanting to see what was going on.

"my day wasnt the same without beating you up" another said. by now i was close enough to see what was going on. my eyes instantly went to the guy in the corner, who was looking down at his books as the other boys teased him.

"we all missed ya charlie. but i think i missed you the most." a familiar voice said, walking up. it Was Matt. he went up to the boy and pulled him by the collar.

Charlie whimpered slightly, accidentally dropping his books. then the unbelievable happened. Matt walked over to a trash can and dumped charlie right in. i couldnt take it any longer.

"MATTHEW!!" i roared angered.

he whipped around. "oh hey Erin. wanna join us?" he asked as if what he was doing was a game.

"what the Fvck is wrong with you? help him out of there right now!" i demanded. but matt simply laughed. "i dont help out losers Er, you know that. " he said calmly, i glared at him.

The crowd that was before packed was now slowly descending. getting smaller and smaller. finally the first bell rang.

"gotta get to class." Matt said, going to kiss me, but i moved my head away. he gave me an odd look but said nothing as he walked away.

i sighed, taking a glance at the boy who was struggling to get out of the trash can. i rushed over to him.

"here, let me help you." i said, grabbing hold of his arm and helping him up straight. when he was dusted off and his books were back in his arms he blushed, looking away from me.

"thanks for helping me." he mumbled. i couldnt help but smile at his shyness.

"dont worry about it. im sorry about my boyfriend, Matt. he can be a jerk sometimes" i said, feeling a little embarrassed.

"its alright. im used to it. Im charlie by the way." he said,shifting the books to one arm and holding out his hand.

"im Erin" i said taking it.

For some reason, i had a feeling i was going to be seeing a lot of him.

TBC(: please comment

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